Gilbert Achcar — With the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip completed and the question of its political fate coming to the fore, the Zionist consensus represented by Netanyahu’s war cabinet has ended.
Adam Hanieh provides an alternative approach to understanding Palestine – one that is framed by the wider region and the Middle East’s central place in our fossil fuel-centred world.
Salim Vally discusses Israel’s war on Gaza and the global campaign against Israeli apartheid.
Gilbert Achcar — News related to the genocidal war in the Gaza Strip have been overshadowed by the truce project that Biden attributed to “Israel” without specifying which Israeli governing body had approved it.
Uri Weltmann discusses the growing peace movement inside Israel and how activists are confronting far-right extremists seeking to disrupt humanitarian aid going to the Gaza Strip.
Mohammed Nabulsi lays out the primary tactics, strategy, and targets of the movement for Palestine in the United States.
Ilya Matveev — Vast shifts in the world economy are driving a new imperialist rivalry, for which a series of regional wars are creating dangerous flash points.
The following is the outcome document from the Global Anti-Apartheid Conference held at Johannesburg, South Africa, 11-12 May 2024.
Palestinians in Palestine and in exile are deeply grateful to the thousands of students who are building an unprecedented mass movement on US, European, Latin American, Australian and other campuses in solidarity with Palestinian liberation.
Terrell Starr speaks with Rita Adel and Vladyslav Starodubtsev about why they feel it is important for Ukrainians to understand colonialism in other parts of the world.
Today’s global capitalism is sinking into unimaginable levels of barbarism. Nowhere is this barbarism more glaring than in Israel’s genocide in Gaza
Sharon Smith — There is nothing like a war to expose the brutality of imperialism, and a massive anti-imperialist movement has returned to U.S. campuses, after decades of absence.