Child in Gaza

Gilbert Achcar: On the murder of children and the return of genocide to banality

Gilbert Achcar — It is one of the cruel ironies of history that those who claim to speak on behalf of the victims of Nazi genocide are the perpetrators of the most horrific campaign of extermination in the history of contemporary settler colonialism.
destruction in Gaza

An unending genocide in Gaza: Interview with Toufic Haddad

Toufic Haddad speaks about the history and political economy behind the genocide — from Hamas’ October 7 attack to Israel’s strategic objectives in its repeated wars on Gaza, to the failures of the Oslo framework.

Mariana Riscali (MES/PSOL, Brazil): The rise of the global far right and the role of the socialist left

Mariana Riscali — In confronting the far right, unity among all who oppose the far right and defend democracy is essential. At the same time, we must maintain our political independence and remain true to our program.
Global anti-apartheid program of action

‘Intensify the global anti-apartheid movement against Israel and for Palestine’: Global Anti-Apartheid Conference program of action

The Global Anti-Apartheid Conference program of action encourages the establishment of activist, grassroots structures in every country to stop the genocide in Gaza.
Axis of Resistance

The mythology of a Mideast ‘Axis of Resistance’

Michael Karadjis look at the members of the alleged ‘Axis of Resistance’, how resistant they have been in relation to the Gaza genocide and what is behind their rhetoric.
far right antisemitism

When the accusation of antisemitism becomes a weapon in the hands of neofascism

Gilbert Achcar — Netanyahu has become the darling of the global far right, not only as a role model but because of his efforts to clear his mates from the accusation of antisemitism and attach it to those they hate.

Abandoned legacy: The left of Iran and Palestinians

Omid Montazeri charts the entwined histories of resistance and collaboration between the Iranian Marxist and muslim groups and Palestinian liberation.
Palestine Kurdistan

Reflections on the Palestinian and Kurdish Resistance: History, challenges and solution perspectives

This brochure is a compilation of four interviews analysing the Kurdish and Palestinian resistance.
Lebanon bombed

Gilbert Achcar: Is the drumbeat of war on the Israel/Lebanon front a prelude to all-out war?

Gilbert Achcar — Recent weeks have witnessed a sharp escalation of the exchange of fire between the Lebanese resistance and Israeli forces in South Lebanon/North of the Zionist state.
Israel Zionism

Ilan Pappé: The collapse of Zionism

Ilan Pappé — We are witnessing a historical process – or, more accurately, the beginnings of one – that is likely to culminate in the downfall of Zionism.
Netanyahu Gantz

The United States and Israel: What’s behind the ongoing conflict between Biden and Netanyahu?

Gilbert Achcar — With the reoccupation of the Gaza Strip completed and the question of its political fate coming to the fore, the Zionist consensus represented by Netanyahu’s war cabinet has ended.
Adam Hanieh cartoon

Framing Palestine: Israel, the Gulf states, and US power in the Middle East

Adam Hanieh provides an alternative approach to understanding Palestine – one that is framed by the wider region and the Middle East’s central place in our fossil fuel-centred world.