Neal Meyer discusses the impact of the Gaza war on US politics, the recent rise in labour activism, and the current state of the Democratic Socialists of America.
Farooq Tariq — Following a Pakistani air force strike on an Iranian border town and an Iranian missile attack on a border town in Balochistan, Pakistan and Iran have agreed to de-escalate the war threat and reestablish full-fledged diplomatic relations.
The Socialist Project joins a growing chorus of organizations and individuals supporting the South African case and calling on the Canadian government to do the same.
Akash Bhattacharya — The Hindu nationalist project of molding India into an Israel-like majoritarian, authoritarian, and Islamophobic state are leading India into murky alliances which may turn out to be quagmires.
Salim Vally discusses Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza and the relationship between Palestinian liberation and Africa.

William I Robinson & Hoai-An Nguyen — As the world watches in horror, the carnage in Gaza gives us a ghastly window into the rapidly escalating crisis of global capitalism.

David Camfield and Charlie Post argue that Palestinian liberation requires a regional revolutionary strategy based on the politics and methods of socialism from below.
Colton Campbell — The ongoing suffering in Gaza invoke a sense of urgency in labeling the situation for what it is, and for prompt investigation and adjudication, rather than waiting for a tragic culmination.
Gilbert Achcar — The likelihood of a new massive aggression launched by the Zionist state against Lebanon has become very high indeed
David Finkel — The United States’ December 8 veto of the UN Security Council emergency ceasefire resolution makes it all but official that the catastrophe engulfing Gaza and all of Palestine is a joint Israel-U.S. war of genocide.
Uri Weltmann discusses about Standing Together have responded to Netanyahu’s latest war on Gaza and rising anti-Arab racism within Israel, as well as what current events mean in terms of prospects for lasting peace.
Gilbert Achcar — It now seems probable that, by the end of this year 2023, the Zionist state will change the course of the war that it launched against the Gaza Strip and move to a new phase.