Strike for Palestine

Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions - Gaza Strip: Strike for Palestine this May Day and Nakba Day (plus: ‘International solidarity among trade unions is paramount in the struggle for a free Palestine’)

This May Day and Nakba Day, we, the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions - Gaza, urgently appeal to our brothers and sisters in the international trade union movement to take a stand in solidarity with Palestine.
gaza encampment

United States: The students’ movement for Palestine needs everyone

All across the country, students are rising up against Israel’s genocidal war. Caitlyn Clark provides a report from the week in New York City, plus how to bring in organized labor.
Palestinians gather around a statue of Nelson Mandela after South Africa files a landmark case against Israel at the International Court of Justice, Ramallah, Jan. 10, 2024.

1948: Israel, South Africa and the question of genocide

Robin DG Kelley — The UN’s failure to dismantle the colonial order foreclosed the application of the Genocide Convention to Israel, South Africa, and the United States.
Ukraine Palestine interview

‘I stand on the side of the oppressed, whoever they are’: Interview with Palestinian-Ukrainian activist Adib Shaheen

Adib Shaheen explains how the struggle for a just future and the support of peoples resisting aggression and repression are the same struggle.
Palestinian solidarity protesters during a large-scale demonstration in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 23, 2023. Photograph by André Chung for Hammer & Hope.

The new movement for Palestine

Hadas Thier — Global outrage over Israel’s attacks on Gaza has produced a broad-based mass movement never before witnessed on the question of Palestine.
Iran Israel bomb

The postponed Israeli attack on Iran

Gilbert Achcar — Israel will complete its genocidal war against Gaza for six before directing its military efforts against Iran and Hezbollah.
Iran Israel

Gilbert Achcar: The coming Israeli attack on Iran (Plus: ‘Tehran found itself backed into a corner by the attack on its consulate’)

Gilbert Achcar — There is little doubt that Israel will respond to Iran’s launch of three hundred and twenty drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles on its territory with a major attack on Iran, and this for several reasons.
Ukraine Palestine occupation is a crime

Palestine, Ukraine and the crisis of empires (plus: No path to peace in Ukraine through this fantasy world)

Simon Pirani — What can we, in the labour and social movements, do about these two conflicts that are transforming the world we live in, and heightening fears of bigger, bloodier wars?
Gaza destruction

The “State of Palestine”: Between liquidating the cause and continuing the struggle

Gilbert Achcar — The Palestinian condition has deteriorated to worse than anything it has known in more than 75 years of suffering and oppression