Leninist Days
Paul Le Blanc — In the hundredth anniversary year of Lenin’s death, the importance of engaging with the ideas and work of this uncompromising revolutionary flows not only from our need to comprehend the past but also the present — and possibilities of the future.
RMT Palestine

Lindsey German — Even if there were a ceasefire tomorrow, this movement isn’t going away. There has been a permanent sea-change in public attitudes towards Palestine.

Ukraine Palestine

The Social Movement stands for a just peace in the Middle East, which requires the elimination of structural oppression of Palestinians and systemic violence against the civilian population.

Stop arming Israel protest

Harald Etzbach — While the states of the Global South publicly proclaim solidarity with Palestine, the reality is more complicated.

South Africa ICJ

Juan Acevedo-Ossa — South Africa’s ICJ case against Israel is the latest example of its ability to act as a normative superpower, exceeding even the great powers in shaping global moral discourse.

Balochistan resistance

Omer Abdullah Khan — All Baloch nationalists, socialists, and progressives who genuinely want to see an end to their suffering and the emancipation of their people, must know that Imperialism as a system is the root cause of our slavery and subjugation.

The Haqooq-e-Khalq Party is standing Ammar Ali Jan in the upcoming Punjab Assembly elections from PP-160 Chungi Amar Sidhu.

Despite Nitish Kumar's Betrayal Bihar Will Play a Pivotal Role in the Battle to Save India from the Disastrous Modi Rule
Dipankar Bhattacharya — It is one thing to criticise the INDIA coalition or its constituents to improve the cohesion and conduct of the coalition and completely another to desert it and join hands with the prime adversary of the coalition.
Ecuador gangs

Guillaume Long — Ecuador is swiftly becoming the new frontline of the failed US War on Drugs. It may take years or even decades for the country to rebuild a state that can guarantee peace and security for its people.

Lenin's legacy

Given the recent marking of the centenary of Lenin’s death, Lars T Lih looks at what his ‘intricate polemic’ in ‘What is to Be Done?’ might offer today’s left.

UAW Free Palestine
Neal Meyer discusses the impact of the Gaza war on US politics, the recent rise in labour activism, and the current state of the Democratic Socialists of America.