Libya: Pakistan left parties' statement on NATO attacks

April 8, 2011 -- ESSF -- While it is accepted that Gaddafi and his model of ruling is autocratic and repressive and cannot be supported by any progressive grouping, a few things also need to be stated about NATO and its discourse of humanitarian intervention and let us state them clearly.

After drowning Iraq and Afghanistan in blood, Western imperialism has now sunk its fangs into Libya. Like a wild beast that smells the scent of its prey from a distance, it has seized upon the rebellion in Libya as if it were the opportunity of a lifetime. Attempts by the United States, Britain and France to portray the bombardment of Libya as a humanitarian act are totally fraudulent. Saudi Arabia sent its troops to crush the protesters of Bahrain, yet here the US and NATO silently watched, or rather, covertly assisted their ally. So why the attack on Libya? The answer is oil.

America and NATO are today visiting the same destruction on Libya that they visited upon Iraq. Whereas in Iraq they launched a full invasion, in Libya they are pursuing other methods -- by assisting collaborators within Libya itself. Let us be clear this is about regime change and oil and as with Iraq the oil will be privatised or linked to development projects for Western co-operation. It is another instance of capitalism as imperialism. The victim again will be the poor of Libya and the world, the environment that this capitalism is destroying and all those movements that aim at the democratisation of the political, economic and social spheres -- that is all those movements that aim at socialist solutions.

This is what Western imperialism has always done in the name of humanitarianism and democracy. In the name of democracy, it has propped up the most ruthless dictators in Latin America, the Middle East and all over the world. In the name of humanitarianism, it has savagely rained down death and destruction upon millions from its warplanes and tanks. History shows that every such intervention has been for securing strategic resources, subjugating Third World countries and crushing peoples' movements, so that the rich may continue to remain rich and the poor continue to remain poor.

It is our duty as moral and peace-loving people to wish our brothers in Libya a decisive victory against the United States and NATO and oppressive political and economic structures.

Down with Western imperialism and its collaborators!

No to NATO attack on Libya

Victory to all workers fighting for the democratisation of the political, economic and social spheres!

Victory to the people of Libya!

1. Workers Party Pakistan

2. Labour Party Pakistan

3. Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party

4. Revolutionary Socialist Movement

5. Awami Party

6. Awami jamhoori Forum

7. National Students Federation

8. Progressive Youth Front

9. Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee

10. National Trade Union Federation