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Fourth International: Draft manifesto of revolutionary Marxism in the age of capitalist ecological and social destruction

Fourth International — An ecosocialist society is needed, and can be achieved only through a revolution. This manifesto tries to assess the best ways and means towards this aim.
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Neoimperialism, ecological crisis and the fight for a new internationalism: An interview with Pedro Fuentes

Pedro Fuentes discusses imperialism’s new phase, ecological crisis and "accumulation by dispossession", the unpredictability of contemporary politics and the need for a new internationalism.
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Fourth International: In solidarity with people's struggles against unbridled imperialism, for the liberation of the peoples and saving the environment

Fourth International — The wars we are facing are linked to the global crisis of capitalism and the resulting headlong rush into conflict between rival imperialist powers.

Contribution to the development of an ecosocialist program

By Fourth International

23 February 2022 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from Fourth International — This text was presented to open a discussion on the international situation at the International Committee meeting and will form the basis for future elaboration.

'Ecosocialism is more than a strategy, it’s a project for civilization'


March 25, 2017 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from International Viewpoint — Alexandre Araujo Costa, a Brazilian ecology activist, spoke to Belgian ecology writer and activist Daniel Tanuro on a range of questions concerning ecology and ecosocialism.

After Trotskyism, what? Some personal thoughts

By Arash Azizi
“The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nigh

NATO’s new cold war redraws left, liberal views on imperialism and war

The right-wing Canadian government endorsed a "