Kenya protests

Kenya: Everything must fall, everything must change

Njuki Githethwa writes that the current regime in Kenya has been struck a devastating blow by the uprising of youth. But success will depend on how well placed social forces and revolutionary organisations are to extend this uprising.
Kenya protests

Smartphones and dance-moves: How the anti-people legislation in Kenya was beaten by the people

Armed with smartphones and dance moves, Gen-Z took to the streets to redefine Kenyan protest culture. Angela Chukunzira writes about a protest movement in Kenya that has changed the country.
Kenya protests

Kenya: A TikTok revolution? (plus Kenya: The vibe is giving Kipchoge)

Rasna Warah — Kenyan youth are leading popular protests against regressive tax reforms that will worsen the country’s cost of living crisis.

Declaration of the Africa People's Movement on Climate Change

Confronting the climate crisis: Preparing for Copenhagen and beyond

Nairobi, Kenya,