Antonio Neto & Jorge Escalante — There are at least two possible scenarios: either a reactionary government with fascist traits is consolidated or we move forward with a process of structural changes. What is at stake is the future of Peru.
Federico Fuentes — Peru’s right-wing controlled Congress blocked a third motion to bring forward national elections on February 2, despite de facto president Dina Boluarte — under pressure from a nationwide rebellion — requesting elections be held this year. This same Congress installed Boluarte as president on December 7, after MPs impeached elected president Pedro Castillo in a move many described as a “legislative coup”. 
Israel Dutra — More than 20 years later, the Peruvian people have set in motion a mass struggle against a government that wants to assert itself through dictatorial means.
Israel Dutra and Thiago Aguiar - It is important to draw attention to what is going on in our neighboring country: a coup, orchestrated by the Fujimorist-dominated parliament, has resulted in the deposition of President Pedro Castillo.
Paulo Drinot - If the former Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori’s self-coup of 5 April 1992 was a tragedy for democracy, then Pedro Castillo’s attempted self-coup of 7 December 2022 was little more than a farce.
Súmate al Nuevo Perú - Classism and racism is the combination that gave life to the coup against Pedro Castillo. The authoritarian right now wants to cling on to Congress. We cannot allow this: all of them must go and early elections held.
By Marc Becker June 23, 2017
Veronika Mendoza (pictured) ran as the presidential candidate of the left-wing Broad Front in the April 10 general elections. 

By Bárbara Ester and María Florencia Pagliarone, translation by Sean Seymour-Jones 
April 23 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal translated from Strategic Latin American Centre of Geopolitics, CELAG -- 
General elections were held in Peru [on April 10]. Along with the position of president and vice-president, 30 congresspeople were elected for the 2016 – 2021 period, and another five representatives to the Andean Parliament.

Protesters at the People's Climate March in Lima.

Cuba-trained medical student examines Peruvian child, Lima, Peru, December 2010. Photo by Don Fitz.