Global crisis, conflict and war: What internationalism for the 21st century?

Pierre Rousset provides an overview of the unfolding “polycrisis” the world is immersed in.
nine-dash line claim

Au Loong-Yu (Hong Kong): ‘Opposing US militarisation in the Asia-Pacific should not mean remaining silent on China’s emerging imperialism’

Au Loong-Yu discusses China’s global status and its implications for peace and solidarity activism.
PSM Choo Chon Kai

Choo Chon Kai (Socialist Party of Malaysia): ‘Peace in the Asia-Pacific requires movements capable of taking power’

Choo Chon Kai outlines his views on rising US-China tensions, the struggle for peace in Southeast Asia and challenges for building solidarity amid an increasingly multipolar world.

(Video) International (in)security: building solidarity in a rupturing world?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine exposed a deepening crisis of international security.

China Korea US

Youngsu Won (South Korea): ‘US-China tensions have erased any space for struggle’

Youngsu Won discusses how rising tensions between the United States and China impact South Korean politics.
Against the Japanese-Australian air drills Komatsu Air Base, August 23

Akira Kato, Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction): ‘The government is taking advantage of Russia’s invasion to convert Japan into a big military power’

Akira Kato discusses rising US-China tensions in the Asia-Pacific, Japan’s attempts to transform itself into a regional military power, the conflicts over Ukraine and Taiwan and building mass anti-war struggles today.
us china pakistan

Ammar Ali Jan (Haqooq-e-Khalq Party, Pakistan): ‘Global South countries are increasingly being forced to pick a side between powers’

Ammar Ali Jan discusses global politics, growing tensions between the United States and China, the impacts of this on Pakistan and implications for anti-imperialism in the Global South today.
Japan Self Defence Forces

Kimitoshi Morihara (Japanese Communist Party): ‘Indo-Pacific must be a region of dialogue and cooperation, not rivalry’

Japanese Communist Party's Kimitoshi Morihara discusses US-China tensions, Japan’s shifting post-war security policy, the party's position on Ukraine and Taiwan, and possible peace initiatives for the region.
Phillipines between China and US

Sonny Melencio (Party of the Labouring Masses, Philippines): ‘We oppose the US and China’s preparations for war’

Sonny Melencio discusses the current state of global imperialism, the looming threat of a US-China war and what approach the left should take to regional peace, security and anti-imperialist solidarity.

Taiwan, militarism and the reactionary campaign against China

Phil Hearse argues for self-determination for Taiwan, but says that the Left must oppose the American military build up in the Indo-Pacific region and preparations for a disastrous war against China.

A rightful place for Taiwan in this planet

Au Loong-yu - Taiwanese people are the smaller player in this great contest between China and the US, easily bullied or betrayed by either this or that superpower. Precisely because of this the international left must ask themselves: Who should be our first concern in this triangular relationship between Beijing, Taipei and Washington?
We are determined to liberate Taiwan!

Did the Chinese Communist Party always consider Taiwan as part of the Chinese nation?

Michael Pröbsting - A highly interesting academic study – published nearly half a century ago – casts a light on the Chinese Communists’ position on Taiwan in the past.