Ireland and Ukraine had similar challenges in the period 1916 – 1923. Conor Kostick and Vladyslav Starodubtsev answer questions about the period and compare the experiences of the left in that era.
Boris Kagarlitsky petition
The sham trial of Dr Kagarlitsky is the latest in a wave of brutal repression against the left-wing movements in Russia.
Mikhail Lobanov
Mikhail Lobanov discusses the Just World/Peace campaign that is seeking to disrupt the staged presidential elections taking place in Russia between March 15-17.
Just World Just Peace Russia
The following manifesto has been issued by Just World/Just Peace, a new left-wing initiative seeking to disrupt the staged presidential elections that will take place between March 15-17.
KPRF candidate
Ernest Reid — The post-Soviet capitalist regime has been central to the gradual destruction of Russia’s Left. Nevertheless, the emerging new cohort of leftists offers hope for the future.
Vladimir Lenin
Paul Le Blanc — Lenin's conception of socialism, which he shared with Marx and Engels, with Eugene V. Debs and Rosa Luxemburg, and with many others, remains a possible alternative to capitalism that is worth considering and fighting for.
Lenin statute

The following presentation was given by Tamás Krausz on February 1 as part of a panel on “What was socialism for Lenin?” that was part of the ongoing “Leninist Days/Journadas Leninistas” series of lectures.

Andre Ventura
Dave Kellaway provides an initial response to the March 10 general election in Portugal, in which the far-right party Chega was the big winner of the night.
Tempest cover Dave McNally
David McNally looks at current geopolitical dynamics, economic fault lines, labor struggles and perspectives for socialists in 2024.
Landscape Kliun
Costas Lapavitsas & Nicolás Aguila — The present condition of the capitalist order should be understood as a Gramscian interregnum, when “the old is dying and the new cannot be born.”
Members of the gendarmerie in the chamber of the National Assembly after expelling opposition MPs opposing the vote cancelling the 2024 presidential election – Dakar, 5 February
Florian Bobin discusses the deepening crisis in Senegal, including the repression and bloodshed of the last few years, efforts to unseat the president and the prospect for a radical left alternative emerging in the country.
Free the Badgaon23
Manoj Manzil, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation central committee member and MLA from Agiaon constituency in Bihar, together with 22 other comrades have been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in a politically motivated murder case.