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NFP march

France: Combating the major risk of the far right (plus statements by Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste)

Léon Crémieux — The far right is on the brink of an absolute majority following the first round of early parliamentary elections in France.
Tavini party

Pro-independence victories in French Polynesia

Léon Crémieux — On 30 April, the Polynesian pro-independence Tavini party won a solid majority in the Territorial Assembly for the first time. This confirms a real change in the political landscape in the archipelago
France pension protest

France: The showdown to make Macron give in (plus statement by Intersyndicale)

Léon Crémieux — It is clear that we are heading for a major political and social confrontation in the coming weeks in France.
French protest

France: Massive rejection of the Macron-Borne reform of the pension system

Léon Crémieux - The question of pensions will become a major social and political issue in France.