Phil Hearse

Phil Hearse examines the rapidly shifting political landscape that the increasing likelihood of a Starmer-led government is bringing about.
Phil Hearse argues that climate catastrophe will massively boost the number of refugees, making immigration even more central to the politics of the Global North.
Phil Hearse argues for self-determination for Taiwan, but says that the Left must oppose the American military build up in the Indo-Pacific region and preparations for a disastrous war against China.
Phil Hearse examines the ever-growing right-wing factions in the British Conservative Party.
Phil Hearse - From the 1980s until his death in California on October 22, Mike Davis was among the most influential Marxist theorists writing in the English language.
The war in Ukraine has provoked sharp differences among people on the left and peace activists. Federico Fuentes spoke to veteran British socialist and Anti*Capitalist Resistance member Phil Hearse about how these differences reflect deep underlying controversies about the world crisis.
Last week the Mirror newspaper exposed the case of an 87-year-old man, a sufferer of prostate cancer, who waited 15 hours for an ambulance after falling outside his house in Cornwall. Unable to move him, his family built a makeshift tent to keep off the rain. Conservative Party leadership contenders Rishi Sunak and Liz Trust have solutions for the NHS crisis—lots more privatisation. This means that you will now only wait 15 hours for an ambulance if you don’t have the right health insurance—in other words, if you are poor.
Although Liz Truss has largely succeeded in outflanking her rival Rishi Surnak to the right[1] on economic policy, by contrast on social issues[2] and foreign policy Surnak and Truss have played a game of right-wing leapfrog, each dragging the other successively toward more hard-line positions.