May Day: Workers’ struggles, international solidarity, political aspirations

May 1, 2018 
— Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from Socialist Project  — For more than 100 years, May Day has symbolized the common struggles of workers around the globe. Why is it largely ignored? The answer lies in part in labour’s long repression of its own radical past, out of which international May Day was actually born a century ago. It is more important than ever, in the face of relentless capitalist austerity and emerging authoritarian forces on the right, that the labour movement reconnect with this history and forge linkages with the international labour movement in the remaking of a socialism for our times. Download May Day: Workers’ Struggles, International Solidarity, Political Aspirations Socialist Interventions Pamphlet No. 15. Contents Speech on the First May Day
Eleanor Marx What Are the Origins of May Day?
Rosa Luxemburg The Workers’ International Festival
Clara Zetkin The Brief Origins of May Day
Eric Chase Women and Trade Unions
Sheila Rowbotham What you need to know about May Day
Leo Panitch Unions and the Crisis: Ways Forward?
Greg Albo Fragile Economies, Aggressive Bosses and Struggling Workers
Ingo Schmidt Feminism Against Capitalism
Nicole M. Aschoff Dining Out in Dinkytown: Remembering the Minneapolis Truckers’ Strikes of 1934............................................................51 Bryan D. Palmer