Partido Lakas ng Masa (The Philippines): Platform of the Government of the Masses

PLM Congress

The following document, Plataporma ng Gobyerno ng Masa (Platform of the Government of the Masses), was adopted at the recently held 4th Congress of the Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM, Party of the Labouring Masses) in the Philippines. The document outlines the urgent demands of the masses, the transitional socialist platform of the Gobyerno ng Masa, and the socialist principles and lessons that guide the building of socialism in the country. A short communique on the congress issued by the PLM can be read here.

The Plataporma ng Gobyerno ng Masa is a platform of government composed of the representatives of the working masses and the poor or marginalized sectors aimed at building a new system of socialist society that is humane, without exploitation, without oppression, sustainable, and where the wealth of society is shared equally by all. This is a society that will be founded on the true development of humanity, unlike the current capitalist society that is ruled by the few and runs only for the prosperity of the few.

The Plataporma ng Gobyerno ng Masa is a transitional program, representing the aspirations of the masses (the working class, the urban and rural poor, or the poor classes in general) to build political power to overthrow elitist rule and change society.

The Plataporma ng Gobyerno ng Masa consists of three parts. First is the struggle with the immediate goal of saving the people from the severe crisis that the capitalist system has created today, and expanding the democratic space for the political intervention of the masses. This is a platform in a situation where a Gobyerno ng Masa has not yet been established, but it is necessary to advance the urgent economic and political grievances that will improve the condition of the masses and prepare them to seize power and advance the transitional program towards socialism.

In the first part, the platform will aim to advance the economic well-being of the masses and fight for broader political space even in the current system ruled by trapos (traditional politicians) and elite forces. This platform consists of urgent struggles for meaningful reform today. It will require mass mobilization and mass action to compel those in power to grant it.

In the second part, the transitional platform will be promoted, while finalizing all urgent matters of economic relief and political space for the masses. The transitional platform focuses on initiating the process of change toward establishing socialism in the country. The transitional platform can be implemented by establishing a Gobyerno ng Masa or a progressive government. In general, it depends on the masses and the progressive forces seizing state power, whether through elections or people's power, from the hands of the elite class and exploiters. However, we will carry the transitional calls even now, so that the difference between socialists and elitists can be clarified in the hearts and minds of the masses.

In the third part, the direction of establishing socialism in the country under a socialist government will be laid out. At this juncture, we can only present the general goals, policies, and contours of the socialist system, but its exact and concrete character in the country will still depend on the balance of forces in society, on local, national, and international conditions, and other factors. Our guideposts in our struggles toward socialism will be the principles and policies that will shape the future of building socialism in the country.

[*Also in the third part, there are some examples at the end of how socialist policies are being promoted in Cuba. Cuba remains a socialist country, although surrounded by the US military and under an embargo (the US does not allow all its capitalists, and other capitalist countries to trade with Cuba). Cuba has made a number of compromises to allow them to exist, including economic reform that opened the country to some capitalist activity and government joint ventures with foreign corporations.]

To implement the overall Plataporma ng Gobyerno ng Masa, the masses must take control of political power, the entire government, and all its state agencies from the local to the national level, and realize the goals of the new society. The Gobyerno ng Masa is the bridge that connects the present deplorable system of capitalism in the country and the socialist future. The socialist system ensures that any prosperity and development of society is translated towards the prosperity and development of each individual, a society that is sustainable and preserves the nature and ecology of the country, and where each individual will be developed into a critical force that will implement total social change.

The Plataporma ng Gobyerno ng Masa is the contribution of the Filipino masses to the advancement of socialism in the 21st century – the construction of an international front of all oppressed and exploited classes towards ending imperialist exploitation and oppression, the establishment of equal relations between nations and the solidarity of the broad masses around the world, the defense of nature and ecology that the capitalist system continues to destroy on a global scale, and the achievement of genuine peace and prosperity in the world.

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