This document, adopted by the Party of the Labouring Masses, outlines the urgent demands of the masses, the transitional socialist platform of the Government of the Masses, and the socialist principles and lessons that guide the building of socialism in the Philippines.
Rasti Delizo — The Philippines perpetually aggravates its volatile regional security environment. This breach of international norms betrays the country’s principled duty to uphold a truly independent, non-aligned, peacefully cooperative, and non-belligerent global outlook and stance.
Sonny Melencio discusses the current state of global imperialism, the looming threat of a US-China war and what approach the left should take to regional peace, security and anti-imperialist solidarity.
Sonny Melencio — While we fight for climate justice, we are fighting the imminent threat of war in our region. To counter all these, we need to build broad and strong solidarity with movements around the world to stop the annihilation of humankind and all living things.
Sonny Melencio - Greta Thunberg, a well-known Swedish climate activist, criticized the global summit as a forum of “greenwashing” that is not really meant to change the whole system but encourages only paltry changes. Thunberg’s statement highlights the position taken by a growing number of Left activists in the Philippines who are coming together soon to launch a movement called ecosocialism. 
Statements and news on the arrest of Walden Bello.
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Presidential candidate Leody de Guzman (2nd from right) with some of the wounded outside the hospital.
Photo: Laban ng Masa spokesperson Leomar Doctolero via Jairo Bolledo/Twitter