Ilya Matveev — Russian imperialism does have its own logic that is not reducible to the interests of the ruling class. The appearance of the non-economic roots of Russia’s aggressive expansionism since 2014 raises questions about the contemporary validity of classical theories of imperialism.
Volodymyr Ishchenko — By understanding the Russian ruling class' material interests, we can move beyond flimsy explanations that take rulers’ claims at face value, toward a more coherent picture of how the war is rooted in the economic and political vacuum opened up by the Soviet collapse in 1991.
Israel Dutra, of the Brazilian Socialist Left Movement (MES) within the Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL), speaks to Federico Fuentes about Putin’s war and Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s peace proposal. Dutra also discusses the twin challenge facing the international left today: inter-imperialist rivalry and combating the extreme right.
Interview with Juan González, translator, activist with the European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine and creator of the website "Understanding Ukraine", where he translates articles from the Ukrainian left into Spanish.
Tobias Drevland Lund, an MP for Norway’s radical left party Rødt (Red Party) speaks to Federico Fuentes about the party's rise, Norwegian politics and Russia’s war on Ukraine.
The Anti-War Committee of Kyrgyzstan unpacks the complex dynamics of wartime challenges, exploring the intertwined influences of nationalism, capitalism, and colonial histories in exacerbating regional conflicts.
A conversation between Ilya Budraitskis and historian Enzo Traverso about the global rise of post-fascism, Putin’s Russia, and the war in Ukraine.
Boris Kagarlitsky — When we read on the Internet about another call to “understand Putin” or “to meet him halfway,” this is perceived inside Russia as complicity with criminals who oppress and ruin our own country.
In the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the West has imposed a series of sanctions on Russia. These sanctions, writes Simon Pirani, have had a significant impact on the global economy, and they have also raised concerns about the potential for a climate policy disaster.
Ilya Budraitskis explains the left’s vision of decentralized governance and why Russia’s Communist Party must exit together with Putin.
Russian Federation's Feminist Anti-War Resistance speaks with Zhanar Sekerbayeva, a feminist, human rights defender, LGBTIQ+ activist and co-founder of the “Feminita” Kazakhstan Feminist Initiative
Chris Maisano surveys the views and policies of left-wing parties in Europe regarding the Ukraine war.