South Africa’s ‘Government of Neoliberal Unity’ is constructed on shaky ground

Patrick Bond — Given declining living standards, an elite transition will not stick nearly as well as Nelson Mandela’s 1994-99 reign. It may be a matter of just months before the centre can no longer hold.
South Africa votes

ANC’s crushing electoral defeat: A nightmare of coalitions, splits and neoliberal crisis

Gunnett Kaaf — Voters have rejected the ANC, but other mainstream parties are not viable alternatives to exit the neoliberal crisis. That’s why South Africa is in the throes of a deepening political and social crisis.

Zabalaza for Socialism (South Africa): Down with the Government of National Unity; unite and defend workers and the poor

Zabalaza for Socialism — The elections of May 29 and the inauguration of the Government of National Unity (GNU) mark a critical shift in the country’s political landscape.
Mazibuko Jara

The ANC and South Africa’s radical left, 30 years after the first post-apartheid elections: An interview with Mazibuko Jara

Mazibuko Jara looks at the African National Congress’s (ANC) prospects of holding onto power after 30 years in office, and how some of the new right and left forces are likely to fare.
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The ANC and South Africa's 2024 elections: A nightmare of coalitions, splits and neoliberal crisis (plus: Amandla!: Elections 2024 — A wake up call for the left)

Gunnett Kaaf — The African National Congress is certainly fighting its most difficult election since the dawn of democracy in 1994.
South Africa ballot paper

South Africa: The way forward for the left (plus: Zabalaza for Socialism — Building Towards a Movement for Socialism

Niall Reddy — The May 29 national election is going to have a profound effect on shaping the political landscape in South Africa and therefore on how to construct a Left party.
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South Africa: Unlike ANC governments, we must practice consistent, inclusive solidarity and internationalism

Dale T McKinley — We need to speak out and mobilising against injustice, oppression and exploitation wherever they occur.
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Africa’s role in Palestinian liberation: An interview with Salim Vally

Salim Vally discusses Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza and the relationship between Palestinian liberation and Africa.
Nelson Mandela

A tarnished halo: Reassessing Nelson Mandela’s legacy 10 years after his death

Dale T McKinley — The tenth anniversary of Nelson Mandela's death provides a fitting opportunity to assess the legacy of a man whose life was, and remains, a source of fulsome praise and inspiration as well as trenchant criticism.
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Renewing the Left: Not just doom and gloom

Mercia Andrews — This article seeks to respond to the questions: where is the South African Left, what has happened to it, and why has it become so fragmented and marginal?
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South Africa: Prospects for a new Left

Amandla! Collective — Where is the Left? The Left exists. It is present in many of today’s struggles. But over time it has become quite marginal and isolated. A rebirth of the Left needs to start with coming to terms with this reality.