Anticapitalist Resistance


British elections: Majority without a mandate (plus statement by Anti*Capitalist Resistance)

Richard Seymour — A majority without a mandate, and a landslide that isn’t a landslide. Labour won 64% of the seats with 34% of the vote, the smallest ever vote share for a party taking office.
Ecosocialist manifesto

Ecosocialist revolution: A manifesto

Ecosocialist Revolution: A Manifesto is published by Anti*Capitalist Resistance. The document and was adopted by Anti*Capitalist Resistance at their 2024 conference.
ACR Ecosocialism

Britain: Anticapitalist Resistance issues appeal for ecosocialism conference

Anticapitalist Resistance — We must build an international ecosocialist movement rooted in the working class to expropriate businesses, end imperialism and transform the economy to prioritise human need within planetary limits.