Red-Green Alliance (Denmark)

The Left Bloc, France Unbowed, Podemos, Sweden's Left Party, Finland's Left Alliance and Red Green Alliance take a joint stand in defense of solidarity, the climate, justice and peace.
Duroyan Fertl — Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung hosted a workshop to facilitate the exchange of experiences and strategies between left parties grappling with the issue of security policy, particularly in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
The Nordic Green Left is a cooperation platform for Nordic left-wing parties. The network adopted this statement in support of Ukraine in Malmö on June 9.
Laura Kofod — Denmark’s new centre-right “grand coalition” government is historic in its composition, and – in its brief existence – has already come down clearly on the side of the upper-class.
Duroyan Fertl - Denmark’s radical left party, the Red Green Alliance, is in a spin. At the November 1 general election, it lost a quarter of its support, a third of its seats, and its influence with government.
Reinout Bosch - The Danish election was truly historic: consolidated parties have fallen from grace, new ones have stormed into parliament, and never before have so many voters shifted their alliances between parties in the months leading up to the election.
Duroyan Fertl - On November 1, Denmark will vote, seven months ahead of schedule. Polls show left and right blocs almost neck-and-neck, and the risk of an outright win for the right-wing remains real.
Duroyan Fertl & Line Barfod - On September 9, the 2023 budget for the City of Copenhagen was agreed in historic circumstances. Radical left party Enhedslisten (the “Red-Green Alliance”) took the lead in budget negotiations, delivering robust funding for social welfare and the climate, with support from parties of the centre, right and even far-right.
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Interview with Line Barfod by Dick Nichols

June 6, 2022 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — Last November, the radical left Red-Green Alliance (RGA) shook up Danish politics by coming first in the elections for Copenhagen City Council. Line Barfod, former MP for the RGA in the Danish parliament, headed its ticket.

Barfod is now in charge of the council’s work in the fields of urban renewal and development, climate, housing and traffic. Under the Danish system, she is known as the mayor of the Technical and Environmental Committee, responsible for this work.

The council is run by seven such committees. The RGA’s other mayor is Karina Vestergård Madsen, in charge of the Social Affairs Committee. The lord mayor, who heads the Economic Affairs committee, is Social Democrat Sophie Hæstorp Andersen.

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Interview with Jon Burgwald, Climate and Environment Adviser to the Red-Green Alliance by Dick Nichols

November 9, 2019 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — Formerly Greenpeace’s Arctic campaigner, Jon Burgwald has overseen the development of the Danish Red-Green Alliance’s Climate Plan 2030: A social justice route to a green society (available in English translation here).

In this interview Burgwald explains how the plan was developed, the impact it has been having on Danish politics and the problems it will confront in getting implemented.