India one nation, one election
CPI(ML) Liberation — With every passing day, the Modi government is reducing an elected parliament in a democratic republic to the status of an emperor's royal court.
Green Left conference
The Green Left Party discussed its future at a conference in Ankara under the slogan "With Change to Freedom".
statute Allende
Richard Fidler — On the 50th anniversary of the coup in Chile, it seems appropriate to look back at the Chilean experience and to think about the lessons to be learned for today’s Left and progressive movements.
Malaysia protest
We, the undersigned organisations, are expressing our deep concern and condemnation of the escalating violence in Manipur, particularly the distressing reports of the weaponization of sexual violence against women.
JEJAAH protest
Raju J Das — For peasants to enhance their success in getting their demands met in India (as elsewhere in the Global South, with its belated capitalist development), there must be a worker peasant alliance.
degrowth protest
Michael Löwy — The ecological crisis is already the most important social and political question of the twenty-first century, and will become even more so in the coming months and years. The future of the planet, and thus of humanity, will be decided in the coming decades.
Green Marx
Ryan Moore — The days when Karl Marx’s ideas were assumed to be incompatible with environmentalism and in need of greening are thankfully past, thanks in no small part to Kohei Saito’s contributions.
burning earth
Ståle Holgersen — Eco-Marxism and eco-socialism are currently haunted by a polarization between a socialist eco-modernism and degrowth.
Vadim Rogovin — The internationalist doctrine of Marxism suffered the most ruthless annihilation in Stalin's ideology. To fill the resulting ideological vacuum, Stalin orientated his propaganda machine to appeal to the national-state stereotypes rooted in mass consciousness.
Ukraine placard
Jerry Harris — Independence and self-determination have been a guiding socialist principle for more than 100 years. Understanding these long-held principles is essential in the discussion regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Biden and Putin
Solidarity — Socialists support oppressed peoples’ and nations’ struggles for liberation and self-determination. Our support is not dependent on which imperialist power or “camp” is the specific oppressor.
Volodymyr Artiukh — It is worth studying the mass labour unrest in Belarus of August 2020 with a view of determining the weaknesses and strength of labour in opposing authoritarian regimes.