British elections: Majority without a mandate (plus statement by Anti*Capitalist Resistance)

Richard Seymour — A majority without a mandate, and a landslide that isn’t a landslide. Labour won 64% of the seats with 34% of the vote, the smallest ever vote share for a party taking office.
NFP march

France: Combating the major risk of the far right (plus statements by Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste)

Léon Crémieux — The far right is on the brink of an absolute majority following the first round of early parliamentary elections in France.
Kenya protests

Smartphones and dance-moves: How the anti-people legislation in Kenya was beaten by the people

Armed with smartphones and dance moves, Gen-Z took to the streets to redefine Kenyan protest culture. Angela Chukunzira writes about a protest movement in Kenya that has changed the country.
Axis of Resistance

The mythology of a Mideast ‘Axis of Resistance’

Michael Karadjis look at the members of the alleged ‘Axis of Resistance’, how resistant they have been in relation to the Gaza genocide and what is behind their rhetoric.
far right antisemitism

When the accusation of antisemitism becomes a weapon in the hands of neofascism

Gilbert Achcar — Netanyahu has become the darling of the global far right, not only as a role model but because of his efforts to clear his mates from the accusation of antisemitism and attach it to those they hate.

Ukraine at a turning point: Imperialism, national liberation and solidarity

Ilya Budraitskis, Hanna Perekhoda and Simon Pirani on the global ramifications of Putin’s effort to erase Ukraine’s right to self-determination and the challenges it pose to those seeking to solidarize with victims of imperialism.
Save Indian constitution

India: Key pointers and takeaways from the 2024 verdict (plus: CPIML Liberation on the need for a strengthened opposition)

Dipankar Bhattacharya — The 2024 elections have delivered a major setback to the BJP. What makes this result look almost like a victory for the opposition is that it came in India's most unequal elections till date.
Singapore protest

Joint statement: Drop charges against Pro-Palestine activists in Singapore

We, the undersigned organisations, are deeply concerned over the prosecution of three activists in Singapore for organising Palestine solidarity action.

South Africa’s ‘Government of Neoliberal Unity’ is constructed on shaky ground

Patrick Bond — Given declining living standards, an elite transition will not stick nearly as well as Nelson Mandela’s 1994-99 reign. It may be a matter of just months before the centre can no longer hold.
South Africa votes

ANC’s crushing electoral defeat: A nightmare of coalitions, splits and neoliberal crisis

Gunnett Kaaf — Voters have rejected the ANC, but other mainstream parties are not viable alternatives to exit the neoliberal crisis. That’s why South Africa is in the throes of a deepening political and social crisis.
foreign currencies

The US dollar and the pound sterling: The role of currencies in the uneven process of decline of hegemonic imperialist powers

Michael Pröbsting — Developments in the second decade of the twentieth century demonstrated that a dominating currency does not guarantee the hegemonic role of a declining Great Power.

Abandoned legacy: The left of Iran and Palestinians

Omid Montazeri charts the entwined histories of resistance and collaboration between the Iranian Marxist and muslim groups and Palestinian liberation.