Cheran no political parties

On the eve of the elections, South Africans deserve better — and it exists

Shawn Hattingh — The people of South Africa deserve better and, in some places in the world, we can see glimpses of a better system being built by people themselves, without handing power to politicians.

Paul Le Blanc: The essential and non-essential in Lenin

The hundredth anniversary year of Vladimir Lenin’s death has generated a remarkable outpouring of explorations and evaluations that are in dramatic contrast to the flat, two-dimensional dogmas that became dominant during the Cold War years of 1947-90.

EU elections in France

EU elections in France: A test run for 2027?

William Bouchardon — How French voters turn out in the European elections next month could have major domestic implications.
Unite against the far right

The resistible rise of the far right in Europe

NPA Anti-Fascist Commission — A relatively large number of far right parties are now on the winning side in national elections, and are even taking part in national governments.
Global Anti-Apartheid Conference

Toward a global anti-apartheid movement for Palestine: Johannesburg declaration on Israel’s settler-colonialism, apartheid and genocide

The following is the outcome document from the Global Anti-Apartheid Conference held at Johannesburg, South Africa, 11-12 May 2024.
A Sudanese woman chants slogans during a demonstration demanding a civilian body to lead the transition to democracy, outside the army headquarters in Khartoum on April 12, 2019.

The struggle for Sudan: A primer

Khalid Mustafa Medani — The current protracted conflict in Sudan is threatening the very foundation of the Sudanese state and hence the stability of the Sahel and the Horn of Africa.
Azerbaijan Commons

‘Azerbaijan has its own version of the Putinist slogan “We Can Do It Again!”’: Interview with Azerbaijani journalist Bashir Kitachayev

Bashir Kitachayev discusses the possible threat of war with Armenia, the situation of ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan, political repression and the future of Artsakh.
Kanaky protests

Kanaky: Let’s (really) put an end to the era of colonies (plus statements from French radical left)

Jeff Castel — It is urgent to oppose the manoeuvres of the French state against the Kanak people and promote solidarity.
Boris Kagarlitsky Long Retreat

War, fascism and revolution: Boris Kagarlitsky on why Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine

The following is a chapter from Russian anti-war Marxist Boris Kagarlitsky’s forthcoming book, “The Long Retreat: Strategies to Reverse the Decline of the Left”.

The Global South has become the focus of inter-imperialist rivalry

Michael Pröbsting — We have entered a historic period where several imperialist Great Powers are rivalling for hegemony. This development is accelerating global instability, wars and economic crisis.
hot worker

Capitalism, climate change and workers’ health: Notes on a research agenda

Raju J Das — Building on Friedrich Engels, this article introduces the concept of “eco-social murder” to explore the ways in which the ecological character of capitalism is killing and harming workers.
Palestine BDS supporting students

Palestinian BDS National Committee: Supporting the student-led solidarity mobilizations in their demands for boycott and divestment and against repression

Palestinians in Palestine and in exile are deeply grateful to the thousands of students who are building an unprecedented mass movement on US, European, Latin American, Australian and other campuses in solidarity with Palestinian liberation.