Palestine protest
The war in Gaza continues, with its procession of horrors, but also with significant resistance in Palestine. Gilbert Achcar addresses this situation and the avenues for building solidarity against Israel and its accomplices, the far right and imperialism.
Russian tank
Two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Pete Cannell discusses the shifting ground of economic and geopolitical rivalry and the need for international solidarity in building resistance to imperialism and militarism.
Boris Kagarlitsky
Frank Hansen — It is no coincidence that just three days before Navalny’s death, Russian leftist Boris Kagarlitsky had his sentence for opposing the Ukraine war increased from a fine to five years in a penal colony.
YPF hiking
Berivan Amuda — What sets the Rojava Revolution apart is that it has truly been based on a struggle centering women’s liberation and society’s change towards an ethical and political society.
Communist Manifesto
Raju J Das — ‘The Communist Manifesto’ is a call to revolutionary action. It is important to return to the text now when a large number of people around the world support the idea of socialism and are critical of capitalism.
Israel Sri Lanka
Michael Cooke — What Palestinians in Gaza are forced to endure is reminiscent of what happened in Sri Lanka during the last months of the civil war between the Sinhalese majority government and the Tamil armed opposition.
Australian Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather: ‘Our housing campaign leaves us stronger for the next fight’
Max Chandler-Mather reflects on his experiences in parliament so far as an “outsider”, the strengths and weaknesses of the housing campaign and the challenges involved in pushing for anti-establishment politics from within parliament.
kagarlitsky navalny
Kirill Medvedev on opposition leader Alexei Navalny's death in prison, the recent jailing of high-profile anti-war socialist Boris Kagarlitsky and how the international left can campaign against President Vladimir Putin’s repressive regime.
“Criminals Know their Service Terms, We Don’t”
How are the families of fighting reservists changing their attitude toward authorities? And why is the Kremlin reluctant to persecute them? Nikolay Sukhanov seeks answers to these questions.
Lebanon bombed
Joseph Daher — Faced with the violence of the Israeli occupying army and supported by its Western imperialist allies, the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon face the growing risks of a more deadly regional conflagration.
Die Linke flag
Heinz Bierbaum & Ines Schwerdtner — Can Germany’s only democratic socialist party recover lost momentum after a damaging split?
Prabowo Subianto
John Sidel — In Indonesia, the third most populous – and largest majority-Muslim – democracy in the world, a notoriously sinister and volatile figure is now set to take office.