Ukraine bombing
Leftists in Ukraine are simultaneously resisting Russian imperialism and the domestic imposition of neoliberalism, explains Alona Liasheva.
Ukraine weapon
Gilbert Achcar — Consistent anti-imperialists must combine their support of Ukraine’s right to self-defence with support for a UN-based peaceful settlement of the ongoing war
Ukraine war
Vladimir Unkovski-Korica — The spiralling deaths and cost of this unending war will be paid for by the working class in the coming years. We need to come together to stop it.
Marko Bojcun
Marko Bojcun — This article explores the origins of the Ukrainian crisis in several historical developments that came together in 2014.
Debbie Bookchin
Debbie Bookchin talks about the ideas and philosophy of Abdullah Öcalan, the libertarian model of women in Rojava and her thoughts on freedom of women on March 8 International Women's day.
Xebat Andok
An extensive interview with Xebat Andok, member of the Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council, about the tenets of Democratic Confederalism, its practical implementation today and the solution this system represents for the problems caused by capitalist modernity.
EndSARS protest
Nanre Nafziger — In Nigeria’s recent election cycle, many citizens looked to Peter Obi for change. But the country needs people-led social transformation, not saviors.
Nigeria protest
Dung Pam Sha — Allegations of fraud and intimidation have cast a shadow over the recent vote.
Iran protests
A collective call for revolutionary and progressive forces to unite and spread the voice of the Iranian revolution.
Chavez Kirchner Lula
Steve Ellner — Two conflicting leftist positions on Latin America’s wave of progressive governments known as the Pink Tide have become increasingly well-defined over the last two decades.
Putin and Xi
Michael Pröbsting — Relations between Great Powers cannot be understood in isolation but rather have to be viewed in the context of fundamental class contradictions within a given historical stage of a mode of production.
imperialism 21st century
A wide-ranging interview with British activist and researcher John Smith about imperialism, super-exploitation, and struggle