Cod Newfoundland
Ian Angus — Marxist historians debating the origin of capitalism rarely mention the industry that employed more working people than any field other than farming.
Statsminister Ulf Kristersson
John Hörnquist — Why far-right populism won the Swedish election, but is making the right lose its credibility.
ST placard
Dani Filc, of left-wing social movement Standing Together which mobilises both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, discusses the situation in Israel following the election of the new government.
The Women's Revolution
Seiya Morita — Judy Cox's 'The Women's Revolution' deftly reveals how important a role women revolutionaries, women Bolsheviks and women workers played in the Russian Revolution, its preparatory process, and in the civil war that followed.
SM interview
On the consequences of the Russian invasion, the mistakes of the Western left, and the prospects for peace in Ukraine. An interview with Zakhar Popovich, member of the leftist organization Sotsyalnyi Rukh
No war on Russia
Dave Holmes — A Russian defeat at the hands of the US-NATO-Ukraine forces would be a victory for imperialism. An end to the war and a withdrawal of Russian troops is obviously desirable, but only as a result of negotiations and a reasonable peace settlement.
Ukraine war devastation
Boris Kagarlitsky — The inevitability of military defeat has by now become apparent even to many of those who enthusiastically welcomed the invasion and supported it ideologically.
Ukraine Razem
Razem — The last year has clearly demonstrated the constant threat from states that violate international law with increasing boldness, as well as the need to build a new security architecture.
IST statement
International Socialist Tendency — The overdetermining factor in the Ukraine war is the expansion of the imperial sphere of power of the West (NATO and the European Union) under the leadership of the US on the one hand and the reclamation of Ukraine into the imperial sphere of power of Russia on the other.
Russian antiwar protests
We, citizens of Russia and our allies, who are not giving up and continue to fight the Kremlin dictatorship, oppose the war unleashed in Ukraine and demand the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from its territory. We wish Ukraine a total and unconditional victory, the return of its sovereignty over all illegally occupied and annexed lands. We express boundless solidarity and support to the people of Ukraine and stand with them on the same side in the fight against the aggressor.
SR statement
Social Movement — A year ago, both the Russian aggressor and West powers expected Ukraine would fall within a few days. But a year has passed and we are still resisting. The lack of knowledge about Ukraine among most foreign observers prevented them from understanding why this is a war of imperial aggression and why Ukrainians are — and will continue — resisting.
Ukraine flag bombed building
Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine — This unprovoked war undermines everything that we, trade unions, represent - peaceful labor, democratic values, sustainable development and justice.