Sotsialnyi Rukh

The Social Movement stands for a just peace in the Middle East, which requires the elimination of structural oppression of Palestinians and systemic violence against the civilian population.

The recently formed Central Eastern European Green Left Alliance includes political parties and civil society organisations that advocate for a just, left-wing and social Europe, as well as corresponding policies in their countries.
Social Movement — A year ago, both the Russian aggressor and West powers expected Ukraine would fall within a few days. But a year has passed and we are still resisting. The lack of knowledge about Ukraine among most foreign observers prevented them from understanding why this is a war of imperial aggression and why Ukrainians are — and will continue — resisting.
Sotsialnyi Rukh - The people of Ukraine have been facing hard challenges, yet they have proven their ability to fight for the right to decide on their own fate, and their determination to defend the country and to end the war as soon as possible. A party is needed to implement an alternative vision of Ukraine — democratic, social, and socialist.