Die Linke and the fight against European austerity

March 4, 2014 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- Speech by Florian Wilde, of Germany's radical left party Die Linke, at the March 1 "Fight the Troika" meeting in Bilbao. It was held the day before a meeting of the European Commission summit on the Spanish economy.

There is 3 or 4 politically oriented streams (Stroemung) in the LINKE party. All of them together comprise only a small percentage of members, but they assert some power at congresses because they organise to get their members up as delegates ... The reformist wing (Forum Demokratsicher Sozialismus, FDS, mainly in the east) is just NOW better presented since the rules of left unification (new western WASG + old eastern PDS = german LINKE, which has a majority of members now that were not a member of the WASG or PDS), that gave the smaller western state branches (in terms of LINKE membership) a surplus representation, are no longer valid. That lead to massive increase of socialdemocratisation of the LINKE party and all of sudden we hear offers of talks by SPD federal leasders in our direction ...

Then there is the unionist wing that once founded the WASG in the west. They are often former social democrats and know the dirty business of that party and thus are more immune to fake reformism.

And then there is the radical anticapitalist left that had a major success in the party congress 2012 in Goettingen, where we managed to prevent FDS leader Dietmar Bartsch from taking the leadership position ... Find our website @

The right shift of the LINKE's European-Elections-Congress is described by a SAV (SP in Australia) leader @
(the only left article i could find so far - the SAV is operationg as a party in the party and tries to be a left wing of the already radical left anticapitalist left ...)