Eyewitness Venezuela: 'The people will become Chavez'; Millions farewell Chavez, declare 'the revolution is not dead'

March 9, 2013 -- Green Left TV -- VenezuelAnalysis journalist and Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network activist Tamara Pearson's passionate and insightful report on the feeling among the Venezuelan people after the passing of President Hugo Chavez, the antics of the right-wing opposition, the determination to continue the revolution, and the importance of solidarity. Plus pictures from the outpouring of grief and solidarity in the wake of Chavez's death. [More video coverage below.]

Pictures thanks to VenezuelAnalysis.

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`The revolution is not dead here!'

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March 7 & 9, 2013 -- Real News Network -- Above Oscar León reports on the Venezuelan people's immediate reaction to the death of Hugo Chavez and their determination to continue the revolution he led. Below he reports on the funeral attended by leaders from around Latin America and the world. Millions of Venezuelans, estimates ranging from 6 million to 9 million, mobilised to farewell the revolutionary leader.

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'Bolivia mourns today, but will fight tomorrow'

March 9, 2013 -- Real News Network -- Leonidas Zurita Vargas, secretary of international relations of the ruling Movement Towards Socialism party (MAS): "Today we cry but tomorrow we will work and we will fight, this is the best message and tribute that we can give to our Comandante Chavez, because he worked and fought against the empire, against the colonial, and against capitalism, and today in the way that Latin America has brought about the integration of nations, defending the rights of the people, today more than ever this is the best way to unite ourselves in order to continue contributing and to continue working."