Issue 12

May-August, 1999: Capitalist crisis, neo-liberal myths

Links 12: Editor's introduction

Capitalist crisis, neo-liberal myths

The gradual spread of the international capitalist economic crisis is having profound effects on all shades of political opinion. In this issue of Links, we concentrate on both economic and political aspects, in particular the undermining of neo-liberal “free market” ideology.

International workers' movement news

PRD campaigning openly again

Theses on the class nature of the People's Republic of China

This resolution was adopted by the 18th Congress of the Democratic Socialist Party of Australia, held in Sydney, January 5-10, 1999.

I. Theoretical framework

1. For orthodox Marxists, as Lenin explained in his 1917 book The State and Revolution, the state is a centralised organisation of force separated from the community as a whole which enforces, through special bodies of armed people and other institutions of coercion, the will of one class, or an alliance of classes, upon the rest of society.