Malaysian socialists: `In defence of the revolution and democracy in Nepal'

Solidarity message to the revolutionary masses of Nepal

Statement by the Socialist Party of Malaysia

May 12, 2009.

1. The Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) would like to express our greatest concern over the current political developments and intensifying social struggles in the newly born Republic of Nepal.

2. The political and military elites have once again revealed their true nature when the president, who is from the conservative Nepali Congress party, overrode the decision of Prime Minister Prachanda from the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (UCPN-M) to sack Chief of Army Staff Katawal. Some opportunist sections of the coalition government, like the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) (CPN-UML) also turned to the right by opposing the UCPN (M) move.

3. The army high command has refused to obey instructions from the elected civilian government as well as refused to implement key parts of 2006 peace accords which included the integration of UCPN (M)-led People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into the current army forces. Sections of the high command in the current Nepalese army committed serious human rights violations during the armed conflict with PLA and continue to enjoy impunity, and even planned to stage a military coup against the elected government.

4. It is clear that the Nepalese elites want to keep the Nepalese army from being integrated with the revolutionary fighters from the PLA in order to continue to use the army as a violent tool to repress the struggle of the poor in Nepal.

5. The Nepalese elites have received support from imperialist and regional powers, especially the United States and India, which both fear the establishment of a radical and pro-poor regime in South Asia.

6. The UCPN (M) has a little choice but to withdraw from the coalition government and call for street protests to defend democracy. This can be turned into a new wave of people's uprising for democracy and social justice in the country.

7. The decade-long Maoist-led “People’s War” and the 2006 mass democratic uprising have successfully overthrown the 240-year-old monarchy and brought new hope for the ordinary people of Nepal.

8. The Maoists have played a crucial role in overthrowing the monarchy and mobilising the people in the democratic movement, and have gained massive support from the grassroots. Maoists won over 3.14 million votes in the 2008 election of the Constituent Assembly, and captured 229 seats out of 601 seats in the Constituent Assembly, making it the largest party in the parliament. For the poor majority, UCPN (M) represent a radical change that would increase workers' rights, land reform for the peasants, access to education and health care, equal rights for ethnic minorities and extensive pro-people economic development.

9. The current crisis demonstrates that the bureaucrats and political elites, who are fearful of = radical change, have tried to prevent such change and to seize power through undemocratic means.

10. The PSM calls for:

  • the UCPN (M) and revolutionary left in Nepal to continue and intensify their mobilisation of the masses in defence of the revolutionary process and democracy in Nepal
  • stop all imperialist intervention in the political affairs of Nepal, especially the US and India have to stay away from Nepal.
  • stop state violent attacks against the protesting masses.

11. The PSM also expresses its disappointment and disgrace at the CPN (UML) for betraying the people of Nepal.

12. The PSM extends its solidarity to the revolutionary people of Nepal for their courageous struggle for social justice and freedom from oppression.

Long live revolution! Long live democracy!

Released by Choo Chon Kai, International Bureau, Socialist Party of Malaysia/Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM).

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