People's Democratic Party (HDP) and Green Left Party's joint declaration regarding Turkey's election results

HDP GL party

First published at HDP

First of all, we would like to express our endless gratitude to all the comrades and friends from the Green Left Party and HDP who participated in the election campaigns, defended the ballot boxes at the cost of their lives, and worked hard for their ideals. We would like to state that we were unable to achieve all the goals we set before us in these elections. It is clear that the election results cannot be seen as a success for us.

Our party was subjected to detention and arrest operations for political reasons from the beginning of the election campaign. We faced government crackdowns throughout the entire campaign with the Kobanî and HDP Closure Cases. These lawsuits led to an atmosphere of pressure during the election campaign. The closure case hung over our heads like a sword of Damocles, preventing a free and fair election in Turkey. Conspiracies and closure cases were used in an attempt to bar the will of millions of our voters.

During the election campaign, the government detained and imprisoned hundreds of our friends through a new political operation every day, creating conditions that undermined our most fundamental right, the right to democratic politics. In many places, the government encouraged racist attacks on our party activities. The People’s Alliance used all kinds of public resources and power to their advantage during the election period. The government crackdown and election fraud tipped the balance in the results of the election.

The biggest conspiracy against us was the prevention of HDP from entering the elections. We had to work with the Green Left Party in a short time to not leave our people without a choice against this trick and conspiracy. We faced difficulties in preparing and publicizing the Green Left Party for the elections in a short time. These difficulties were increased with the censorship and isolation imposed by the mainstream media. The disadvantages of organizing a new alliance (Labour and Freedom Alliance) reflected in the field and the problems caused by the fact that our proposal was not implemented, despite our insistence as the Green Left Party to enter the elections with one list and one party. These factors also affected the election results to a certain extent, but we still find the result obtained important.

Yet we acknowledge our responsibility to take the message of the voters seriously and make criticism and self-criticism in all aspects, and we will do what is necessary. We will carry out an extensive evaluation of the deficiencies and shortcomings we encountered during the election campaign. We will conduct discussions with our people and take the necessary steps.

Our people and the millions who voted for the Green Left Party should rest assured. We will fulfill the historical role, mission, and responsibility given to us by our people concerning the presidential elections, which are heading towards a second round. We will continue our work without losing our hope and enthusiasm. We will evaluate the second round of the elections at all of our party boards and share the program with our people and the public as soon as possible.

We have a tradition that does not limit the struggle for democracy to ballot boxes but organizes life and society. We call out to our peoples: the reason for the presidential election to go to the second round is the altruistic and self-sacrificing attitude of the HDP and Green Left voters who are in favor of democracy and justice. We express our gratitude to all our fellow party members once again. It is essential to maintain our position as the third-largest party in the parliament after an unfair election amid a critical period. With this in mind, we will continue our struggle. We will ensure that democratic politics provide a basis for a solution to all problems.

Therefore, let no one fall into pessimism and despair. We will never give up our struggle for the Democratic Republic. We will continue our struggle in the strongest way possible to realize our political goals and end the one-man regime.

HDP & Green Left Party
15 May 2023