Azerbaijani left

Nothing but revolution can change Azerbaijan for the better: Interview with the Azerbaijani left

Murad Gattal spoke to Azerbaijani trade unionists and left-wing activists about the state of society following Ilham Aliyev’s election for the fifth presidential term and the Third Karabakh War.
Azerbaijan Commons

‘Azerbaijan has its own version of the Putinist slogan “We Can Do It Again!”’: Interview with Azerbaijani journalist Bashir Kitachayev

Bashir Kitachayev discusses the possible threat of war with Armenia, the situation of ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan, political repression and the future of Artsakh.

Turkey: Erdogan’s 2023 neo-Ottoman imperialist agenda, from the Caucasus to the Mediterranean

As Hamas allies, the Iranian and Syrian regimes, along with Hezbollah in Lebanon, are the center of attention for Israeli and US strategists.


North and East Syria between imperialisms

Sarah Glynn — Turkey, Iran, and President Assad’s government are in competition for control over the land of Syria, but there is one thing they all agree on: control should not be in the hands of the people who live there, especially if they are Kurds with dangerous ideas about radical democracy.
Workers Voice

Labor and the Left in Azerbaijan: An Interview with the Worker’s Voice Collective

LeftEast editors met our Azerbaijani comrades at LevFem’s/Transnational Social Strike’s conference in September 2022 in Sofia. As we knew almost nothing of the left in that country, we asked them for an interview, and they generously obliged.

Armenia-Azerbaijan: The Karabakh fault line

Karl Lebt - How has the Russian invasion of Ukraine affected the dynamics of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan? What choice did the Armenian leadership face? On the prospects for a Nagorno-Karabakh settlement.