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'Being treated like slaves': Migrant labour exploitation as an essential feature of late capitalism

Mike Treen — Working people must fight for a country where full employment and generous welfare systems for the unemployed are important protections for workers.
Ardern and Hipkins

Aotearoa/New Zealand: Hipkins is trying to foreclose the notion of transformational change. That's not his decision to make.

Elliot Crossan — For the Prime Minister to choose this moment to rule out both a wealth tax and a capital gains tax is a disgrace. Labour cannot claim to be the party of the working class while siding so clearly and openly with the wealthy few.

Why did New Zealand suffer the worst casualty rate in World War I?

By Mike Treen January 23, 2019
— Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — Armistice Day, November 11, commemorates the day when the fighting stopped on the Western front in Europe.

As a participant in this lie of the “war to end all wars” New Zealand had achieved the unique result of suffering the highest military casualty rate of any nation involved in that war.