The last French soldiers leave Niger.

West African coups: Just changing masters

Paul Martial — Mali, then Burkina Faso, and finally Niger have experienced coups d’état. Some see the coup leaders as new heralds of Africa’s liberation. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different.
niger coup leader

Turkey: The imperialist scramble in Africa and Erdoğan's position

Yusuf Karadaş — Erdoğan's government is among the regimes that are trying to use the reactions against colonialism in Africa (especially in Muslim countries) and the struggle for domination between imperialists, as an opportunity for their own expansionist ambitions.
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(Statements) African progressives on the coup in Niger

A regularly updated collection of statements by African socialists, trade unions and democratic forces on the recent coup in Niger.

Royal Society’s tunnel vision on population and poverty

People and the Planet
Royal Society Science Policy Centre Report
April 2012

Review by Ian Angus

May 23, 2012 -- Climate and Capitalism, posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal with the Ian Angus' permission -- The radical ecologist Murray Bookchin once compared populationism to a phoenix, the mythical bird that periodically burns up and is reborn from its own ashes. No matter how often the “too many people” argument is refuted, it always returns, making the same claim that people are breeding too much and consuming too much, devouring the Earth like a plague of locusts.[1]