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Understanding Putin's war on Ukraine



Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — Even since Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine in February, LINKS International Journal of Socialist Renewal has sought to carry a range of views from the socialist left to help understand the significance of this event. Particular attention has been paid to the voices of Ukrainian and Russian leftists who are at the forefront of resisting this invasion.

Below is a regularly updated compilation of links to articles we have published, ordered into categories and listed from most recent to oldest. We have also included links to some older articles that provide important historical or theoretical context (for example on the debate over Russian imperialism and assessments of events surround the Maidan revolt in 2014 and subsequent anti-Maidan revolt in the country’s east).


Ukrainian socialists speak

I’m a Ukrainian socialist. Here’s why I resist the Russian invasion.
(Video) Ukrainian women’s voices from the warzone
Ukrainian feminist Viktoriia Pihul: ‘Our main goal now is to win this war’
Ukraine’s geopolitical precarity: A historian's perspective
Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine: Human rights, democracy and civil society
Ukraine: “The right to resist” – A feminist manifesto (+ Russian feminists in solidarity/Ukrainian feminists under Western Eyes)
Ukraine’s recovery must benefit the people. The West has other ideas (Plus 'New labour code is a threat to Ukrainian workers')
Inside the Ukrainian resistance: Interview with Alona Liasheva and Denys Pilash
Ukraine: Humanitarian aid is not enough
Meet the Ukrainian leftists resisting Putin’s war: Interview with Sotsialnyi Rukh's Nataliia Lomonosova and Oleksandr Kyselov
Workers are defending Ukraine. The Ukrainian state is not defending workers’ rights (Plus Vitaliy Dudin on 'The war on workers')
The war in Ukraine, international security, and the left
Social Movement (Ukraine): What’s going on in Ukraine and why left solidarity is important
Self-determination and the war in Ukraine
Resisting the war to push for a more egalitarian world: An interview with Ukrainian socialist Denis Pilash
Real peace in Ukraine will only come after change in Russia
Why did Ukraine suspend 11 ‘pro-Russia’ parties? (plus statements by Sotsyalnyi Rukh)
Ukraine’s government dismantles labour rights during the war (plus statement by Sotsyalnyi Rukh)
Video: Ukrainian Left – Fight Russian invasion and say No to NATO
Ukraine: “Stopping the war is the absolute priority”
‘We need a peoples' solidarity with Ukraine and against war, not the fake solidarity of governments’
US-plaining is not enough when it comes to war on Ukraine. To the Western left, on your and our mistakes


Russian resistance to Putin’s war

Russian socialist dissident Boris Kagarlitsky on Putin’s growing domestic crisis: ‘People will not fight for this regime’
(Video) Boris Kagarlitsky: Russia, not NATO, started war; capitalists on all sides fuel the fire
Russian socialist Ilya Matveev: ‘Putin’s war on Ukraine is not about security, it is about imperialist interests’
Remembering the Crimean War: Russia and the West have been here before
Putin’s war is driven by domestic politics: Interview with Boris Kagarlitsky
Rubles, sanctions, and oil: Fighting the economic war
Everlasting War: From Putin to Peter and back again
Inside the Russian resistance against Putin’s war
Russia: Students against the war (Part One)
Russia: Students against the war (Part Two)
Russian ‘left’ split over Ukraine War (Plus statement by Opposition current in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation)
Putin's war in Ukraine: The dialectics of victory and defeat
Russia: Learning solidarity together
Social sources of political polarization in Russia
Against Putin’s War in Ukraine: An interview with Ilya Budraitskis
A tremendous resistance: Feminists in Russia against the war and patriarchy
Russian Socialist Movement: “The only way for Russians to end this war is convince soldiers to stop fighting”
Russia: Putin is not only waging war on Ukraine, he is also destroying Russian society
Interview: Russia’s feminist resistance to Putin’s war on Ukraine
What is happening to the Russian consciousness?
The dangerous tide of Russophobia (plus Richard Seymour on 'The Belligerati'/'An epidemic of dehumanization')


Assessing the character of Russia’s war on Ukraine

Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the Japanese Communist Party's position
Capitalist crisis, imperialism and the road to war in Ukraine
Means of destruction
How should socialists respond to Russia’s war on Ukraine
Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine sends ripples across globe
Solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance
The Ukraine war will end, but how?
War in Ukraine: Solidarity with Ukrainian resistance, against all imperialisms
Ukraine: Matrix of war
Four points on the war in Ukraine
Internationalist manifesto against the war in Ukraine
Simon Pirani: ‘Our movement needs a different politics that is concerned with Ukrainian and Russian people not governments’
The great power grab: Imperialism and the war in Ukraine - a discussion between Alex Callinicos and Gilbert Achcar
Manifesto: Feminist resistance against war (plus comments by Catherine Samary)
European Network Solidarity with Ukraine and against war
The war in Ukraine and the dilemmas of the western left
Why blaming NATO is not westsplaining
Six FAQs on anti-imperialism today and the war in Ukraine
Ukrainians fiercely resist brutal Russian invasion
NATO, imperialism and the war
Why Ukraine is a Syrian cause
Against war in Ukraine and the new imperialism: A letter of solidarity with the oppressed
Ukraine: Fog of War
The debate on the left over whether to raise the issue of NATO expansionism in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Putin, the Russians, and the Ukrainian War
Ukraine and the left
A memorandum on the radical anti-imperialist position regarding the war in Ukraine
Fourth International: No to Putin’s invasion! Support to Ukrainian resistance! Solidarity with Russian opposition to the war!
A view from Cuba: Ukraine to the Limit
David Harvey: Remarks on recent events in Ukraine — An interim statement (and responses by Hall, Kalb & Cullen Dunn)
Noam Chomsky: US military escalation against Russia would have no victors
LeftEast condemns Putin’s imperial war against Ukraine
Statements: Asian socialists condemn Russia's war on Ukraine, NATO expansionism
Ukraine: Who is perverting history?
Russian bombs over Ukraine
Talking about Ukraine while ignoring the Ukrainians


Imperialism today

Towards a new permanent global war? NATO’s 'new strategic concept
The imperial system in crisis
After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
NATO: From bad to worse
Ukraine: The return of Francis Fukuyama


Debating Russian imperialism

Russian imperialism: Economically weak, militarily strong
Is Russia an imperialist power? Part I: Non-hegemonic gestation
Is Russia an imperialist power? Part II: Lenin’s legacy
Is Russia an imperialist power? Part III: Continuities, reconstructions and ruptures
Is Russia an imperialist power? Part IV: Benevolent glances
The conquest of Ukraine and the history of Russian imperialism
Statement from Russian and Ukrainian socialists: Against Russian Imperialism
Is Russia imperialist?
Russia in the world
The Myth of “Russian Imperialism”: in defence of Lenin’s analyses
A return to the question of whether Russia is imperialist
Perpetrator or victim? Russia and contemporary imperialism
The 'Russia is imperialist' thesis is wrong
Are Russia and China imperialist powers?


Global impacts of Ukraine war

Strategic ambivalence or disguised conflict? China’s reactions to Russia’s war on Ukraine and to Covid
NATO expands – Kurds betrayed
Norway left party Rødt MP: 'We need to stop the war and bring Putin to justice'
'We have to be honest on Russia's aggression': Former Die Linke (Germany) MP on where and when wrong turns may have been taken
Red-Green Alliance: 'The Danish government has used fear of Russia's brutal war to rush through major policy changes'
Ukrainian refugees, anti-immigration politics, and the limits of solidarity in Slovakia
Left Youth of Finland: 'The most significant consequence of Putin's war in Finland has been the question of NATO membership'
A war in our own backyard: How the attack on Ukraine impacts neighbouring Moldova
Germany: We still need anti-imperialism — Why Die Linke shouldn’t abandon a principled anti-war stance
Britain: What sort of anti-war movement do we need today? (Plus response from Stop the War Coalition)
Nordic left parties: Russia must withdraw immediately
Bulgaria: Between pro-war consensus and the need for an anti-war movement
European left solidarity with Ukraine


Cancel Ukraine’s debt

Credit won’t work: Why Ukraine’s state debt must be cancelled
Ukraine’s first assailant—international lenders
Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt (CADTM): People around the world demand IMF to cancel Ukraine’s unjust debt


Historic background

The tragedy of the Ukrainian working class
How Ukraine won its independence, in Soviet times, and the lessons for today
Volodymyr Ishchenko: Ukraine's Maidan mythologies
Ukraine: 'Before Maidan, Ukraine was more democratic', says Volodymyr Ishchenko
Ukraine: A year after Maidan, 'nothing has changed for the better'
Boris Kagarlitsky: Rebel eastern Ukraine republics between war and elections
David Mandel: Understanding the conflict in Ukraine
Ukraine dominates discussion at Party of the European Left’s summer university
Ukraine’s fractures: Interview with Volodymyr Ishchenko in 'New Left Review'
Discussion: Fourth International needs to oppose the war and austerity drive against Ukrainian people
Fourth International statement on Ukraine: 'Popular movement and imperialisms'
Boris Kagarlitsky on Ukraine: A country that might have been
Boris Kagarlitsky on eastern Ukraine: The logic of a revolt
Boris Kagarlitsky: Crimea annexes Russia
Murray Smith on what Russia is doing in Ukraine
Ukraine: Positions of the European left (2014)
Ukraine: The left and the movement to overthrow Yanukovich: two interviews
Ukraine: Russia or the European Union? Reject a choice between ‘lesser evils’


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