Malaysia burning

Malaysia: Is the Madani government playing fiddle while the nation burns?

Ilaiya Barathi Panneerselvam — Malaysia’s rising temperature, grappling with racial and religious polemics, is, unfortunately, not new.
antifascist protest

Brazil: The International Antifascist Conference in Porto Alegre and the challenge of confronting the far right

Israel Dutra & Roberto Robaina — The first International Antifascist Conference will be held May 17-19, as a united initiative of the PSOL, PT, MST and several other organizations and social movements.
white civilisation

Colonization and surplus: The origins of race and class

Zara Jemuel — Capitalism’s white supremacist roots run as deep as its colonial origins.
Ukraine Palestine occupation is a crime

Palestine, Ukraine and the crisis of empires (plus: No path to peace in Ukraine through this fantasy world)

Simon Pirani — What can we, in the labour and social movements, do about these two conflicts that are transforming the world we live in, and heightening fears of bigger, bloodier wars?
Gaza destruction

The “State of Palestine”: Between liquidating the cause and continuing the struggle

Gilbert Achcar — The Palestinian condition has deteriorated to worse than anything it has known in more than 75 years of suffering and oppression
Egypt EU

Egypt: EU, IMF prop up General Sisi dictatorship

Michael Pröbsting — Why are imperialist powers so eager to give billions of US Dollars to Egypt’s regime? The answer lies in the nature of dictatorship
Palestine solidarity rally in Amman, Jordan, October 13, 2023.

Notes on the war in Gaza

Dave Holmes — The struggle in Palestine is now the number one issue of world politics. The armed breakout from Gaza on October 7 by Hamas and its allies has raised numerous questions.

Hungary: The radical left against Bolsonaro’s friend

An interview with Aram Shakkour, leader of the Hungarian Szikra (Spark) Movement, on the resistance to the far-right government in the country
MVC protest

Puerto Rico: Left advance faces lawfare challenge

Antoine Larrache and Lauriane Misandro speak to Rafael Bernabe about the current political situation in Puerto Rico.
Boris Kagarlitsky hammer and sickle

Boris Kagarlitsky’s open letter from Russian prison: ‘Supporting left-wing political prisoners is an act of practical solidarity’

Writing from a Russian prison, sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky has penned the following open letter in support of a broad solidarity campaign with left-wing Russian political prisoners.
AUKUS summit

Sam Wainwright (Socialist Alliance): ‘Ruling class support for the US war drive on China fundamentally shapes Australian politics today’

Sam Wainwright discusses the state of US global hegemony, Australia’s role within it as a mid-sized imperialist power and prospects for working-class solidarity across borders.