Ashley Smith

Tareq Baconi discusses Hamas’ attacks on October 7, Israel’s genocide, the state of Palestinian resistance and its implication for the region and world.

Leftists in Ukraine are insisting on the urgent need to build solidarity without exception among oppressed peoples.
Ashley Smith describes how Joe Biden’s economic program represents “imperialist Keynesianism” designed to rival China, ameliorate domestic social inequalities, and neutralize challenges from both the Left and the Trumpian right.
Ashley Smith interviews Michael Roberts about the system’s seemingly intractable crisis, the looming threat of war between great powers, and the desperate need for international working-class solidarity against militarism.
The crisis in the banking industry has sent stock markets around the world into gyrations. What caused all of this? Is this a passing crisis? What impact will it have on the real economy? Ashley Smith interviews Michael Roberts.
Leftists in Ukraine are simultaneously resisting Russian imperialism and the domestic imposition of neoliberalism, explains Alona Liasheva.
Ashley Smith interviews Ilya Butraitskis - The Ukrainian resistance has scored major victories in its struggle to liberate its country from Russian occupation. Putin, facing defeats on the battleground, has issued draft orders for 300,000 people in Russia to shore up his military forces in Ukraine. He has also staged “sham” referendums in occupied Donbas as part of his drive to annex it to be part of Russia.