Statements on Burma

Statements on the Burmese struggle for democracy from the Socialist Party of Malaysia, the Indonesian solidarity movement, the Australian Socialist Alliance and the Philippines' Partido ng Manggagawa.

Socialist Party of Malaysia



Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) strongly condemn the violent repressions of Myanmar Junta against anti-government protesters which resulted in a raising number of casualties. PSM is alarmed and concerned with news reports that Burmese soldiers have used baton and tear gas against the Buddhist monks and civilian protesters at Shwedagon pagoda, the holiest Buddhist place in Rangoon and elsewhere. We also hear that hundreds of people have been arrested and taken away in trucks. The number of people killed varies from five to eight till now. Key leaders have been arrested and curfews have also been imposed. Yet, we continue to hear the heroic struggle of the people in marching on for change. We salute the brave people of Myanmar at this very juncture of history.

The military junta government which currently rules the country is illegitimate as it was installed after a bloody coup and suppression of people uprising in 1988. The junta government has continuously suppressed the working class, students and other ethnic minorities and severely curbed civil liberties.

The violent clampdown against the protesters is another evident of the bloody rule of military and business oligarchy in Myanmar.

The recent waves of anti-junta protests arise from the decision of the government to increase the fuel of price between 300% to 500%. It definitely impacted the majority of Myanmar people who live in poverty. Despite threats from the government, people of Myanmar including Buddhist monks, have taken a courageous step to go to the streets and protest against the undemocratic junta government. The economic demands have rapidly spilled and have now become political demands calling for the military junta to restore democracy. The demonstration which started by the Buddhist monks' have now become a huge movement with the support of the ordinary people with mobilization numbering more than 100,000.

PSM also condemn the inability of the The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) government to deal with this issue. ASEAN Secretary General Ong Keng Yong merely stated that ASEAN hoped that "the situation remains peaceful". ASEAN Governments have merely called on the Junta to handle the situation rather than condemning the atrocities committed by the military regime. Each of these Government too are more worried of similar uprisings due to neoliberal policies back home.

PSM calls upon the government of Malaysia to break its diplomatic ties and economic cooperation with Myanmar government, until democracy has been restored in Myanmar. Malaysia should also close down its embassy in Myanmar immediately and send back the Myanmar ambassador back home.

PSM would also like to point out the hypocrisy of imperial power like the US and Britain in dealing with Myanmar. While people die and suffer violence daily in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the presence of US and British troops, The Bush and Brown administration is unashamedly talking about democracy in Myanmar.

PSM extends our solidarity to the brave people of Myanmar who are now struggling for a better future of their country. The current protest movement shows that the people of Myanmar are fed-up and have decided to challenge till the end. No power in the world is stronger than the united movement of the people. PSM believes that only the peoples' resistance from below can put an end to the dictatorship. We in Malaysia are inspired by the resistance put up by the common people and await the victory which would eventually have to come.

Long Live the Uprising!

Choo Chon Kai

International Bureau
Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)

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re: The Peaceful Protest Action Supporting the Burmese Peoples Struggle
Against the Myanmar Military Junta.

The peaceful protest actions led by the monks of Burma against the
Myanmar military junta and for the restoration of democracy have finally
been confronted with guns and other violent action. At least nine people
have been killed (including one journalist) and hundreds, perhaps
thousands, arrested. The Mynmar junta has also cracked down on the press
and instituted a blockade of communication in order to constrain the
flow of information. The leader of the democratic struggle, Aung Saan
Suu Kyi, has been seized from her home where she has been under house
arrest, and moved to Insein prison. Once more the Myanmar military junta
has spilled blood. The struggle for democracy in Burma must continue in
order to end the Myanmar military junta's oppression. The road map to
democracy which had been offered as the hope for a peaceful solution in
Burma is further and further away from being realised.
As components of civil society who are opposed to violence against the
people and who are struggling for human rights and democracy, it is our
duty to continue the struggle without concern for state borders.
Indonesian Solidarity with the People of Burma(Solidaritas Indonesia
Untuk Rakyat Burma - SIRB) is an Indonesian alliance which supports the
struggle of the Burmese people. SIRB fully supports the resilient and
courageous struggle of the Burmese people against the Myanmar military
The Burmese people have been struggling for 19 years against a military
power which used violence and undemocratic methods in seizing and
retaining power. The 888 massacre ( 8 August, 1988) and the cancellation
of the democratic general elections which was won by the National League
for Democracy was the bloody foundation upon which this regime stands.
The resilience of the Burmese military junta has been possibly partly
because of the political and economic support it receives from China,
Russia and India – all of whom have fully supported the actions of the
regime in the past. At the same time, the lack of a clear and firm
political stand by ASEAN has also provided another basis of support for
the Myanmar military junta.
The Indonesian government has also never taken a clear and firm stand

on the issue of a political solution for Burma. Indonesia has abstained
on votes on Burma in the Security Council of the United Nations.
Indonesian has never taken a progressive initiative within ASEAN aimed
at solving the Burmese issue, which has always been a sensitive and
complicated issue in ASEAN. Indeed during his 2006 visit to Burma,
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono firmly refused to meet

Aung San Suu Kyi whom he viewed as a "rebel".
Indonesian Solidarity with the People of Burma(Solidaritas Indonesia
untuk Rakyat Burma) thus demands a change in political stance by the
Indonesian government which must begin to be pro-active in achieving a
political solution for Burma. As current president of the UN Security
Council, Indonesia must press for a UN SC resolution on Burma condemning
the Myanmar military junta's violence and sending a Special Envoy to
investigate the violence. As a member of the UN Human Rights Commission,
Indonesia must also press for a solution in Burma within the corridors
of democracy and respect for human rights. Within ASEAN, Indonesia must
lead the way in expelling Burma from ASEAN until a democratic solution
is implemented in Burma.
Indonesian Solidarity with the Burmese People also condemns the blind
support to the junta from China, India and Russia, who moved to veto and
block the 2007 UN SC resolution intended to support a process towards
democratisation. China, Russia and India must end their support for the
Myanmar military junta.
Indonesian Solidarity with the Burmese Peoplecondemns the acts of
violence, murders, violation of political and civil rights, suppression
of the press, murder of journalists and other violation of human rights
carried out by the Myanmar military junta against the monks and people
of Burma who are demanding a restoration of democracy. Indonesian
Solidarity with the Burmese People demands the unconditional release of
Aung San Suu Kyi and the thousands of other political prisoners. The
violence and murder must end immediately. The Myanmar military junta
must end its rule and recognise the results of 1990 democratic elections
as an essential condition of restoring democracy in Burma.

Jakarta, 28 September 2007

Solidaritas Indonesia untuk Rakyat Burma
(Indonesian Solidarity with the Burmese People)

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The Australian government should withdraw its ambassador and halt all cooperation with the Burmese military regime

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Socialist Aliance Senate candidate and APEC protest organiser Alex Bainbridge supports solidarity protests against repression in Burma/Myanmar

Friday, September 28, 2007

``The Socialist Alliance supports the struggle for democracy in Burma/Myanmar, and stands in solidarity with the democracy movement activists, political prisoners and exiles bravely defying its military dictatorship'', Alex Bainbridge, Socialist Alliance NSW Senate candidate and a central organiser of the recent Stop Bush protests at the Sydney APEC Summit, said today.

``Our members are joining the solidarity actions now taking place around Australia. Among them are many of the activists who helped organise the several thousand-strong protest that peacefully defied a police-state lockdown during the Sydney APEC Summit on September 8.

``We call on everyone who supports democratic rights to come out and join these protests.

``The Socialist Alliance demands an immediate halt to the brutal repression of the democracy movement. We also demand the immediate release of all political prisoners in Burma/Myanmar, including Nobel Peace Prize winner and National League for Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

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``The Socialist Alliance also calls for the immediate resignation of the illegitimate military regime in Burma/Myanmar and for its replacement by a government formed by the National League for Democracy, which decisively won the 1990 parliamentary elections.

``The Australian government should immediately withdraw its ambassador in protest and halt all cooperation with military regime in Burma/Myanmar.

``In particular, the Australian government should halt the training provided by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for the repressive Burma/Myanmar police force."


Filipino workers support the Burmese people

Statement by the Partido ng Manggagawa

Filipino workers support the Burmese people

The Filipino working class joins the peoples around the world in condemning the brutal suppression by the military junta of the protest movement in Burma. We add the voice of the workers in the call for democratization in Burma, freedom for political prisoners and an end to the military rule.

We express our solidarity for the people of Burma especially our Burmese brother and sister workers. The working class of Burma suffer as much or even more as other sectors and classes of Burmese society under the heel of the military junta.

The Burmese military dictatorship may be a throwback to the Dark Ages of old but under its iron fisted rule the new paradigm of globalization is being forced down the throats of Burmese workers. Multinational corporations are extracting super profits from the blood and sweat of Burmese workers who are denied the most elementary labor rights by the brutal dictatorship.

The Filipino workers sympathize with the situation of their Burmese brothers and sisters for we suffered the very same exploitation and very same abuse under the Marcos dictatorship. In fact the burgeoning protest movement in Burma against price increases recall to mind the welgang bayans of the '80's and '90's against economic hardship during and after the Marcos dictatoship.

The Burmese military dictatorship hope to nip in the bud the protest movement against the economic crisis and scuttle its maturity into a political movement for democracy in their country. But the tables may yet be turned and instead the bloody repression may still incite the beginnings of a new uprising against military rule.

Despite the forced isolation of Burma under the dictatorship, international solidarity has a significant role to play in sustaining and strengthening the protest movement in Burma against economic hardship and for political freedom. Thus the Partido ng Manggagawa will educate and mobilize the Filipino workers as vanguard fighters for democracy to stand as one body and speak with one voice in support of the Burmese people and workers in their struggle for political freedom and social emancipation.