Statements: End the repression against socialists in solidarity with Palestine

By Various
Luciana Genro

Statements in defence of Brazilian and Indian socialists facing repression for standing in solidarity with Palestine.

Brazil: Solidarity with Luciana Genro in the face of Zionist and far-right attacks

International statement

Following Hamas’s surprise offensive, Israel has launched a full-scale colonial war with the aim of crushing Gaza and taking the Zionist project that has ravaged Palestine for more than 75 years to a new level. The declaration of war by Netanyahu’s far-right government through its siege on Gaza represents a decisive step by the State of Israel towards the annihilation of the Palestinian people.

We must raise the banner of anti-colonial struggle everywhere to ensure that apartheid and the imperialist war on Palestine are defeated. It is no coincidence that Zionism, in unity with the world capitalist media and imperialist countries such as France and the United States, have sought to criminalise the struggle in solidarity with Palestine. In France, a Macron-aligned MP has called for the dissolution of the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA) due to its support for the Palestinian cause. For his part, Macron banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations, but was meet with a strong response on the streets, with protesters refusing to accept this attack on democratic freedoms. In the US, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is facing the threat of being sanctioned for questioning Biden’s “solid and unwavering” support for Israel, which includes more than US$3.8 billion in military aid to the Israeli army.

In Brazil, Zionism has unleashed a large-scale campaign of political persecution against Luciana Genro, a founder of the Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL) and Rio Grande do Sul state MP, due to her unwavering support for Palestine. Ever since Luciana denounced the military and colonial regime of occupation that Palestine has been subjected to for decades, all kinds of attacks against her have multiplied with the aim of destabilising her mandate and, ultimately, silencing her voice. Six far-right MPs have filed a complaint with the Legislative Assembly's Ethics Committee, accusing her of antisemitism, xenophobia and racism. The Palestinian Arab Federation of Brazil (FEPAL) promptly expressed its solidarity with Luciana Genro and took a  stand against the Zionist and far-right attacks.

We declare our full support and solidarity with Luciana Genro, a key spokesperson for all democratic causes including defence of the Palestinian people. Zionist and far-right attacks will not intimidate us! We will not take a single backwards step when it comes to defending the right of return for Palestinian refugees, the implementation of all UN resolutions and demanding an end to Zionist apartheid in the region. Free Palestine!

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India: Release activists arrested in Jammu for expressing solidarity with Palestinian people

CPIML Central Committee

The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation (CPIML) strongly condemns the arrest of more than 30 activists of civil society organisations, trade unions and the CPIML, including the party’s Jammu district secretary, Subhash Mehta late on October 20 to stop them from assembling the following day to express solidarity with the Palestinian people in Jammu. Subhash Mehta (a septuagenarian) and others were forcibly taken from their homes to a police station in the dark of night. Com. Nirdosh Uppal, CPIML Central Committee member, was placed under house arrest.

These were the latest in a series of arrests made in different parts of the country, including Delhi, Aligarh Muslim University (UP), etc. to prevent Indians expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

PM Narendra Modi, who lost no time in expressing solidarity with Israel in the wake of the Hamas offensive, even now, after two weeks of genocidal war by Israel on Gaza, shamelessly continues to gag the voice of Indians being raised in solidarity with oppressed Palestinians.

CPIML demands the immediate and unconditional release of all activists arrested in Jammu.