Workers Party (Brazil)

Marx et al

From the genocide in Palestine and Ukraine to the fascist threat: Working toward a revolutionary, Marxist-Humanist response

Today’s global capitalism is sinking into unimaginable levels of barbarism. Nowhere is this barbarism more glaring than in Israel’s genocide in Gaza
International Antifascist Conference

The uniqueness and importance of the I International Anti-Fascist Conference to be held in Porto Alegre, May 17-19

Eric Toussaint — What is certain is that if we do not try to build a powerful international movement against the far right, the latter is likely to continue its advance and become emboldened.
I International Antifascist Conference

I International Antifascist Conference: May 17-19, Porto Alegre, Brazil

From the initiative of PSOL and PT from Rio Grande do Sul, we call on international anti-fascist movements to open a dialogue that can confront the destruction that is being carried out by the far right.
Mariana Riscali

Ecosocialism, internationalism and fighting the far-right in Brazil: An interview with Mariana Riscali (MES/PSOL)

Mariana Riscali looks at the state of Brazil’s far right, as well as the country’s trade unions and social movements, and outlines MES’ views on parliamentary work, ecosocialism and internationalism.


Brazil’s anti-capitalist left debates path forward under Lula: An interview with Mariana Riscali (MES/PSOL)

Mariana Riscali discusses PSOL’s relationship with the new Lula government and the tensions this has caused within the party.


Brazil: Slow motion Lulismo

André Singer & Fernando Rugitsky — One year after Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s return to power, it is possible to make a preliminary assessment of his governing strategy.
PSOL Militant Thesis

Socialist Left Movement (MES): For an independent and anti-capitalist PSOL

The following thesis has been submitted by the Socialist Left Movement (MES) and its allies for discussion at the PSOL's 8th Congress.

Israel Dutra (MES/PSOL): A week of polemics in Brazil

Israel Dutra — Our tactic must be to combine the struggle against the far right with defending PSOL's independence.
Brazil protests

Brazil's 'Capitol Hill riots’: Confront the fascists, without truce or amnesty

Israel Dutra & Roberto Robaina - We will take to the street demonstrations, raising the flag that there be no forgiveness for those responsible of genocide and coup-plotters. Without amnesty and with the maximum democratic mobilization.

Brazil: National Executive Board confirms PSOL’s independence from Lula’s government

Tatiana Py Dutra - The National Executive of the PSOL has defined its position on participation in the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva by voting to not occupy positions in the new administration.
Pablo Stefanoni

Latin America’s new Right, “campism” and the need to de-hipsterise the Left: An interview with Pablo Stefanoni

Pablo Stefanoni discusses the situation in South America after the Brazilian elections, the challenges posed by the far-Right, the impact of the Ukraine war and prospects for the Left.
Lula victory

MES/PSOL (Brazil): Lula's victory was a great democratic triumph against authoritarianism

The victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Workers Party, PT) in the 2022 Brazilian elections was the most important democratic triumph since the fall of the military regime (1964-1985). Celebrations took over the country on Sunday night (October 30), harking back to the best traditions of the Brazilian people's struggle. There were hundreds of thousands of people in the streets taken as a whole, with the epicenter of celebrations on Avenida Paulista; the moving scenes of the opening of a voting school in Bahia, where hundreds of people waited with enthusiasm and confidence for the moment to vote for Lula, also expressed this feeling.