Max Chandler-Mather outside federal parliament

Max Chandler-Mather: ‘With long term planning and more organisation, we can change people’s lives’

Max Chandler-Mather reflects on the Brisbane Greens community-based strategies, along with broader issues such as Palestine and last year’s referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.
AUKUS summit

Sam Wainwright (Socialist Alliance): ‘Ruling class support for the US war drive on China fundamentally shapes Australian politics today’

Sam Wainwright discusses the state of US global hegemony, Australia’s role within it as a mid-sized imperialist power and prospects for working-class solidarity across borders.
Max Chandler-Mather

Australian Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather: ‘We should take every chance to deliver our message for working people’

Max Chandler-Mather talks about the various ways they have sought to reach out, engage in a dialogue with, and organise people around the housing crisis and more broadly.
Battle of Vinegar Hill

‘Death or Liberty’: Australia’s Battle of Vinegar Hill at 220

Duroyan Fertl — Australia’s Battle of Vinegar Hill shook the colony to its core: a reaction that can only be understood in the context of the years immediately preceding it, both in Sydney, and in Ireland.
Australian Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather: ‘Our housing campaign leaves us stronger for the next fight’

Australian Greens MP Max Chandler-Mather: ‘Our housing campaign leaves us stronger for the next fight’

Max Chandler-Mather reflects on his experiences in parliament so far as an “outsider”, the strengths and weaknesses of the housing campaign and the challenges involved in pushing for anti-establishment politics from within parliament.
palestine solidarity protest

Joint Southeast Asian left statement: End the genocide! Solidarity with Palestine!

The Southeast Asian Left Network has initiated a joint statement to condemn the Israeli genocide against the people of Palestine and express support for the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people.
From the river to the sea

‘From the River to the Sea’: Palestine’s historic struggle to share the land versus Israeli rejectionism

Michael Karadjis — The slogan "From the river to the sea", which as been raised at pro-Palestine demonstrations around the world, has attracted a great deal of ignorant criticism.
Palestine banner

Progressive Alliance for Palestine (Australia): Palestinians have a right to resist

Left and progressive Middle Eastern and Australian organisations have released a statement supporting the right of the Palestinian people to resist ongoing dispossession, occupation and oppression by the settler colonial state of Israel.
Japan Self Defence Forces

Kimitoshi Morihara (Japanese Communist Party): ‘Indo-Pacific must be a region of dialogue and cooperation, not rivalry’

Japanese Communist Party's Kimitoshi Morihara discusses US-China tensions, Japan’s shifting post-war security policy, the party's position on Ukraine and Taiwan, and possible peace initiatives for the region.

Keynesianism is no long-term solution to the economic crisis

By Lisbeth Latham

October 7, 2020 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from Revitalising Labour — The current COVID pandemic has caused massive financial damage to the global economy, damage which has been felt viscerally by working people in the form of dramatically reduced incomes and the loss of millions of jobs. As we progress through the pandemic and look hopefully towards its ending and eventual recovery, minds have begun to look towards what the eventual rebuilding of the economy might look like. Whilst capital, and its representatives in governments, are already looking towards an, even more, deregulated labour market and a general deepening of the neoliberal model, on the other hand, alternative models for recovery are being forward, most particularly that proposed the by the Australian Council of Trade Unions which draws its inspiration from the post-war recovery globally and most particularly in Australia post the Second World War. While this example has understandable appeal, it is well known, it refers to a period of massive and sustained economic growth. It is a deeply problematic model for recovery to the current period of crisis as it fails to understand the roots of the recovery post Second World War which will not be easily replicated but more importantly fails to recognise the broader reality of the global climate crisis that also confronts us, and which should mean we are wary of productivist solutions to this crisis.