Phil Hearse — Left-wing mirth at the Tories’ farcical election launch should be tempered by the likely vote for far-right Reform UK and the determination of the Labour leadership to crush the last remnants of Corbynism.
Dave Kellaway examines what we have learnt from the recent local and mayoral elections.
Phil Hearse examines the rapidly shifting political landscape that the increasing likelihood of a Starmer-led government is bringing about.

Lindsey German — Even if there were a ceasefire tomorrow, this movement isn’t going away. There has been a permanent sea-change in public attitudes towards Palestine.

Fred Leplat — While the Ukrainian people continue their courageous fight against occupation, the West has cynically used the conflict to rebrand itself as a guarantor of democracy while withholding weapons and aid from Ukraine.
Antoine Larrache & Terry Conway — Israel’s offensive against Gaza has sparked a worldwide revolt unlike any other issue.
Anticapitalist Resistance — We must build an international ecosocialist movement rooted in the working class to expropriate businesses, end imperialism and transform the economy to prioritise human need within planetary limits.
Phil Hearse argues for self-determination for Taiwan, but says that the Left must oppose the American military build up in the Indo-Pacific region and preparations for a disastrous war against China.
Phil Hearse examines the ever-growing right-wing factions in the British Conservative Party.
Chris Maisano surveys the views and policies of left-wing parties in Europe regarding the Ukraine war.
Martin Clarke - The current pay battles represent a crucial stage in the attempt by a hard-right government to deal a massive blow to working-class living standards, working conditions and democratic rights.