Kalpana Wilson looks at the ‘war on women’ waged by India’s Hindu supremacist fascism and how this is shaped by the specificities of Hindutva ideology, neoliberal capitalism, and imperialism.
In its current war against the people of Gaza, the Israeli government has chosen to weaponize the issue of sexual violence for political outcome.
Maitreyi Krishnan — As we approach International Women’s Day, we look back at the manner in which the rights of women have been trampled on by the Modi Government over the last 10 years.
Parti Sosialis Malaysia — International Women’s Day allows us to reflect on the progress made towards empowering women and to call for action to overcome the challenges that still exist in achieving gender equality in all aspects of life.
Partido Lakas ng Masa — There is an urgent need to put forward a socialist and feminist perspective today given the multiple crises of capitalism that plague society and pose existential threats on several fronts.

Nancy Fraser looks at how transfers of natural wealth and care fit within modern imperialism, the role expropriation continues to play in capital accumulation, and the increasingly blurred nature of core-periphery boundaries under financialised capitalism.

CPI(ML) Liberation — The viral video of two Kuki women being paraded naked and sexually assaulted by a mob of Meitei men in Manipur has drawn the attention of the whole world to the complete collapse of the rule of law in Manipur.
Sue Bull — To fight against patriarchy, we need to know where it comes from, how it developed and how it became so effective.
Activists from Feminist Anti-War Resistance (FAR) discussion the political context of resistance, the state of the protest movement and FAR's orientation and initiatives.
Grassroots activists discuss women’s status in wartime, problems and challenges the feminist movement faces, and threats that may become relevant for Ukrainian society once the war will be over.
Debbie Bookchin talks about the ideas and philosophy of Abdullah Öcalan, the libertarian model of women in Rojava and her thoughts on freedom of women on March 8 International Women's day.
Don Fitz - The suffering of US women under the iron heel of abortion is intensifying, especially for women of color. This makes it imperative to closely examine possible paths forward.