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‘We Could Not Provide Any Credible Alternatives to NATO’: Interview With Finnish Left Alliance’s Henrik Jaakkola

Oleksandr Kyselov interviews Henrik Jaakkola, of Finland's Vasemmistoliitto/Vänsterförbundet (Left Alliance)

European elections: Far right surge but centre holds on (plus: The European left after the elections)

Dave Kellaway examines the outcome of the European elections, while Johanna Bussemer writes that strong showings in several countries will ensure a left presence in Brussels, but internal contradictions are bigger than ever.

Opposing Finland’s Thatcherist turn

Li Andersson, leader of the Finnish Vasemmistoliitto (Left Alliance), talks about her party’s priorities in this super election year.
Now The People

Now The People! — United for solidarity, climate, justice and peace

The Left Bloc, France Unbowed, Podemos, Sweden's Left Party, Finland's Left Alliance and Red Green Alliance take a joint stand in defense of solidarity, the climate, justice and peace.
security workshop

Nordic left discuss security policy in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Duroyan Fertl — Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung hosted a workshop to facilitate the exchange of experiences and strategies between left parties grappling with the issue of security policy, particularly in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Finland s President Sauli Niinisto meets with the new government led by Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, Helsinki, June 20, 2023

Finland’s cabinet of horrors

Pinja Vuorinen — After only two weeks in power, Finland’s new right-wing coalition faces neo-Nazi scandals and a mounting opposition to its austerian agenda that make it seem increasingly unlikely to last the full four-year election cycle.
solidarity with Ukraine

Nordic Green Left: Solidarity with Ukraine

The Nordic Green Left is a cooperation platform for Nordic left-wing parties. The network adopted this statement in support of Ukraine in Malmö on June 9.

Finland comes back into the cold

Robert Stark — The parliamentary elections in Finland were expected to be decided by a razor thin margin, and the results did not disappoint.
Mia Haglund, Left Alliance deputy

Left Alliance (Finland): 'In politics, there are no strategies you can copy paste'

What are the main issues at stake for the Finnish left? How did people in Finland react to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Why is ecology a top priority on the agenda? Mia Haglund, a deputy of the Left Alliance and a secretary general of the NGLA, discusses left politics in the party and beyond.

Winning power, not just government

By Florian Wilde May 6, 2017
 Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from Jacobin with the author's permission Is it a shortcut, if it’s seemingly the only path on offer? Many left parties in Europe today see participating in a center-left coalition government as the only realistic way to win reforms. They often justify joining these administrations by reasoning that having a left party in government will at least block the most regressive policies and keep a more reactionary formation from taking power. These parties also believe government participation will increase their credibility in the eyes of voters and members, ultimately strengthening their prospects to govern on their own. Twenty-five years of history, however, suggest that these expectations are rarely met.