Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)

Green Left conference

Turkey: Green Left Party holds conference to discuss road map (Plus: GL conference ends with resolutions for the future)

The Green Left Party discussed its future at a conference in Ankara under the slogan "With Change to Freedom".

Turkey: Erdoğan’s resilience

Cihan Tuğal — Turkey is headed for tough times. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was reelected for a third term in the runoff elections on 28 May, winning 52% of the popular vote, while the opposition candidate Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu came away with 48%.
HDP Green Left Party confernece

Peoples' Democratic Party and Green Left Party (Turkey): We made an effort to open the door to democracy

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) co-chair Mithat Sancar and Green Left Party co-spokespersons Çiğdem Kılıçgün Uçar and İbrahim Akın held a press conference on the presidential run-off elections.
HDP Green Left Party

Peoples' Democratic Party and Green Left Party (Turkey): 'Erdogan is never an option for us' (plus joint statement)

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) and the Green Left Party (Yeşil Sol) have announced that they will continue to oppose Erdoğan in the second round of the presidential election.
Turkey elections

Challenging authoritarian rule: Turkish elections 2023

Panagiotis Sotiris interviews Sebnem Oguz — The emergence of a new fascism in Turkey is being intensively debated on the political left. In this context, an alliance of the left has formed under the banner of the Green Left Party, with support from other parties in the Labour and Freedom Alliance, with the hopes of a significant breakthrough for the political organization of the oppressed and the left in the election.
Tayip Temel

Tayip Temel (Peoples' Democratic Party): Our goal is to end authoritarianism and democratise Turkey

Ali Barış interviewed HDP Deputy Co-Chair Tayip Temel on the upcoming elections, how the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) will campaign with the Green Left Party and possible political developments.

Besê Hozat (Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union): Towards a free and democratic Turkey with the Labour and Freedom Alliance

Besê Hozat — Everyone agrees on the fact that these elections are one of the most important elections in the history of the republic. Expanding and supporting the Labour and Freedom alliance is of historic importance for Turkey’s democracy.

Turkey: Labour and Freedom Alliance will not field a presidential candidate

The Labour and Freedom Alliance will not field a candidate for the presidential elections in Turkey, announced Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chair Pervin Buldan.
Turkey earthquake

Earthquake in Turkey: The state versus the people (plus urgent call for solidarity from Peoples' Democratic Party)

Sarah Glynn — When Ertuğrul Kürkçü, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) honorary president, writes about ‘transforming earthquake solidarity into a social movement’, he is not talking about an abstract idea but a political practice. 

Kurds, legitimate security concerns, universal values and the mountains

“I would like to remind you that if Sweden and Finland do not take steps to meet our conditions, we will freeze the process.” So said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Ankara on 18 July, thus single-handedly setting the rules of the game for Finland and Sweden’s bid to join NATO. But can Swedish and Finnish government officials explain to the public what Erdoğan’s “conditions” are, and what they will do to prevent their accession to NATO being “frozen”?
Ertuğrul Kürkçü

Peoples' Democratic Party (Turkey): Kobani was not an exception

By Ertuğrul Kürkçü

June 8, 2022 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal reposted from Progressive International — Ankara believes that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has opened a window of opportunity in its century-long war with the northern Kurds by expanding its influence beyond the borders of the Turkish Republic.

The Erdogan regime hopes to deepen its exploitation of the United Nations Security Council's 2015 call for an "international alliance" directly against ISIS and al-Nusra. It mobilised that appeal to assault the Kurdish autonomous governments in Syria and Iraq that the Kurds had won through their fight against ISIS.