Besê Hozat (Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union): Towards a free and democratic Turkey with the Labour and Freedom Alliance


First published at ANF English.

There have been intense discussions over the general elections to be held on May 14. Everyone agrees on the fact that these elections are one of the most important elections in the history of the Republic. The AKP has been ruling Turkey for nearly 21 years, united with the racist, bloodsucking and dark fascist MHP ally for the last 8 years.

The AKP-MHP alliance has spent all of Turkey's resources on war and institutionalizing the fascist government. These eight years, marked by fascism at full gallop and an all-out war, will go down in the history of the Republic of Turkey as bloody years of a gang, mafia and power-hungry fascist dictatorship.

Fascism has spread all over Turkey

The AKP-MHP fascist government has established a system of absolute isolation and torture in Imrali and spread it to the entire Kurdistan and Turkey. Basing on the Imrali isolation, it has waged a total war in Kurdistan with a genocidal colonialist understanding. It has waged a genocidal war against the Kurdish people by violating the international law of war and employing all kinds of banned weapons, including chemical weapons and tactical nuclear weapons. It has formed an alliance with ISIS and its derivates and occupied a significant part of North Syria, changing the demographic structure, carrying out assimilation and committing genocide.

During this eight-year period, the AKP-MHP fascist government has continued political genocide in a multi-dimensional way, as well as military, cultural, ecological and economic attacks. It has usurped the HDP municipalities and appointed trustees. It has arrested thousands of people, including the co-chairs of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), its deputies, co-mayors, council members, employees and members of provincial-district administrations. By arresting those elected by the people, it has punished millions of people and disregarded their will. It has tortured political prisoners to death in jail. It has denied the release of hundreds of prisoners. It has persecuted the Kurdish people and Turkey’s society in an unprecedented way. It has introduced the Kobanê Conspiracy Trial to shut down the HDP as a continuation of these genocidal attacks. By stepping up the closure case against the HDP ahead of the elections, it has sought to alienate the people from politics, to break their will to struggle, and to put the revolutionary democratic force into reverse by forcing voters to boycott the elections.

Without a doubt, the attacks of the AKP-MHP fascist government have not remained restricted to Kurdistan. Fascism has spread all over Turkey. This fascist regime has destroyed the century-old Kemalist state with all its institutions. It has declared all others an enemy. It has driven even renowned army generals insane by keeping them in prison for years. The dictator Erdogan, the head of the AKP-MHP fascist regime, has managed to amass all the power in his hands in these past eight years. The AKP-MHP fascist dictatorship has completely taken over the judiciary, the legislature, the army and the media. It has seized all public institutions. The policies that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and massive devastation during the February 6 earthquake, and the corruption of the Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay), which sold tents to survivors, are a striking example of the reality of contemporary Turkey created by the fascist dictatorship. The massive destruction in the earthquakes was caused by the AKP-MHP fascist regime, which has become the disaster of the century.

The fascist dictatorship has abolished the hard-won women’s rights that had been obtained at great cost. It has attacked the co-presidency and the equal representation system. It has revoked the Istanbul Convention. It has negotiated over laws against violence against women with misogynistic reactionary mobs like itself. As a part of rent-seeking, plundering and genocidal policies, it has destroyed nature and the environment in Kurdistan and Turkey with dams, hydroelectric power plants, mines and unplanned urbanization.

The Labour and Freedom Alliance is the great change for peoples

The destruction and deep suffering that the AKP-MHP fascist regime has inflicted on the peoples, women, youth, workers and the nature of Kurdistan and Turkey make the presidential and parliamentary elections on May 14 much more important. The 14 May elections provide a very important opportunity to get rid of this genocidal fascist regime. Öcalan's stance, the resistance of the guerrilla, the glorious struggle for freedom, democracy and justice carried out by the Kurds, Alevis, women, democracy forces, workers and environmentalists for years have brought the AKP-MHP fascist regime to the verge of collapse. This struggle will achieve a very important result in the 14 May elections. This is the first time in Turkey's history that the Labour and Freedom Alliance will participate in such an important election. The Labour and Freedom Alliance also represents a first in the history of the republic. In this sense, the Labour and Freedom alliance is a great chance for the peoples of Turkey. Expanding and supporting this alliance is of historic importance for Turkey’s democracy.

The main force that will destroy fascism, democratize Turkey and improve democratic politics is the Labour and Freedom Alliance. Undoubtedly, this alliance is not just an electoral alliance, but also an alliance of struggle beyond elections. It is very important for this alliance to continue to grow and to carry out its struggle to democratize Turkey after the elections, too. There is no doubt that the stance of the Labour and Freedom Alliance, its success in the elections, and its transformative force in the 14 May elections, one of the most important elections in Turkey's history, will have a strategic importance and play a role in the construction of a democratic republic.

The fascist regime resorts to special war attacks

Since the AKP-MHP fascist regime knows the historic role of the Labour and Freedom Alliance in the May 14 elections, it resorts to special war attacks. It is trying to disband the alliance or to weaken it, if it fails to do so. It carries out these attacks by trying to drive the discussion between the Green Left Party and the Workers' Party of Turkey (TIP) about entering the elections with a single list onto another course. Through perception operations and special-psychological war methods, it tries to make it look like there is a conflict between these parties. By creating false agendas, it tries to achieve the result it desires. Being awake to such special war methods and approaching them responsibly is the most valuable revolutionary and patriotic duty of this period.

As far as we follow through the media, the Green Left Party and the TIP have reached a common understanding over the elections. This is an important stance, and it is necessary to appreciate and respect this stance of both parties. Despite the attitude of the Green Left Party and TİP, the continuation of the discussions over the election list brings damage to all democratic forces, especially the Green Left Party and the TIP themselves. Therefore, the debate over entering the elections with a single list should be ended, and an approach that strengthens both parties in the elections should be promoted. Anyone with a sense of responsibility should approach the issue this way. After the Green Left Party and the TIP have agreed on a common approach and understanding, continuing the discussion of entering the elections with a single list will not benefit anyone except the fascist government. Respecting this common will between the Green Left Party and the TIP and focusing on the success in the elections is a requirement to be a revolutionary, leftist-socialist, democrat and patriotic. There is only one thing to be done at this stage: everyone should mobilize and work for the success of the Labour and Freedom Alliance. If the Labour and Freedom Alliance wins, Turkey’s peoples, women, youth, workers and the whole society will win. The necessary discussions have already been made at the necessary time by those who feel responsibility. Concerns were expressed and attention was called to the perils. It is understood that these attitudes, which are precious, are agreed upon by the interlocutors and decisions are made accordingly. Now it is necessary to respect this will and work for the success of the alliance.

Everyone should work for the success of the Green Left Party

The Green Left Party announced that it would contest the elections in 81 provinces of Turkey. Our people, all peoples, women, youth, workers-laborers, environmental organizations and all the oppressed and marginalized communities should work with all their might for the success of the Green Left Party. The Green Left Party is the only real option for a democratic, ecological and women’s libertarian Turkey. Policies of genocide against women, society and nature are policies that feed and complement each other. The antidote to these fascist policies is the Green Left Party. The Green Left Party and TIP executives stated that they were allies and comrades on the same path. This is a very precious expression and stance for the peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey. It would be the right thing for everyone to work to strengthen this alliance.

It is seen that some poor discussions about the candidates are taking place on the media and the social media. Respecting the candidates of the Green Left Party is a requirement of self-respect and patriotic stance. Discussing the party's candidates wears them out, which would thus contribute to the special war directed against them. The fact that those who have devoted their lives to the struggle for freedom, democracy and justice engage in such discussions which serve their opponents, is, in the first place, disrespect to the values they promote. It is a fundamental duty of our revolutionary, democratic and patriotic people to avert all discussions and attacks that could weaken the Green Left Party and the Labour and Freedom Alliance. This is undoubtedly the most mindful and responsible approach that befits our revolutionary and patriotic people.

Call for mobilization

Aware of the great importance of the 14 May elections for the peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey, we decided to extend the inaction decision we announced following the earthquake until after the elections. We found this attitude to be necessary in order to frustrate the possible provocations of the AKP-MHP fascist regime and to ensure that the elections are held in a safe environment. This attitude is an expression of our responsibility towards the peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey, as well as a strong support for the forces of freedom and democracy. It is also a call to everyone who wants to take responsibility in this historic process. Apart from frustrating the provocations of AKP-MHP fascism, the inaction decision is also a call to everyone who feels responsible for the people and humanity to avoid all kinds of expressions, behaviours, attitudes and practices that will serve the fascist regime and to mobilize for the success of the Green Left Party, the Labour and Freedom Alliance.