Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union

Palestine Kurdistan

Reflections on the Palestinian and Kurdish Resistance: History, challenges and solution perspectives

This brochure is a compilation of four interviews analysing the Kurdish and Palestinian resistance.
Kurdistan Palestine

Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union: The attacks on the Palestinian people must stop

Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union — Once again we express our solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just cause. The struggle of the peoples against oppression will surely succeed and all mass murderers will be held to account.
KCK HDP rally

Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK): Fascism will definitely be overthrown in Turkey

Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union released a statement reflecting on the recent presidential and parliamentary elections held in Turkey on May 14.

Besê Hozat (Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union): Towards a free and democratic Turkey with the Labour and Freedom Alliance

Besê Hozat — Everyone agrees on the fact that these elections are one of the most important elections in the history of the republic. Expanding and supporting the Labour and Freedom alliance is of historic importance for Turkey’s democracy.
KCK flag

Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union: Time to overthrow the fascist government in Turkey!

Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union — This Newroz, millions of people must destroy the fascist AKP-MHP government by igniting the torch of resistance against oppression and oppressors.
Xebat Andok

Xebat Andok (Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union): On Democratic Confederalism

An extensive interview with Xebat Andok, member of the Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council, about the tenets of Democratic Confederalism, its practical implementation today and the solution this system represents for the problems caused by capitalist modernity.
Kurdistan Community of Societies Mustafa Karasu

Mustafa Karasu (Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union): Civil society and solidarity help earthquake victims, not the Turkish government

According to Mustafa Karasu, the AKP-MHP regime is trying to hide the catastrophic reality in the earthquake zones.
Duran Kalkan

Duran Kalkan (Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union): 'The revolution in East Kurdistan and Iran brings a change in mentality and lifestyle'

Duran Kalkan, member of the Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council, speaks about the most important developments in 2022, strengths and weaknesses of the different parts of the global democratic forces, likely developments for 2023 and how "the revolution in East Kurdistan and Iran brought a change in mentality and lifestyle."