Sotsialnyi Rukh


Justice for Ukrainian workers! Appeal to political representatives of the people of Europe and the world

On the eve of the European Parliament elections, trade union activists in Kryvyi Rih appeal to candidates and remind politicians that it is wage earners who bear the brunt of the war against the aggressor.
Taras Bilous

‘If we didn’t join the armed forces, the left in Ukraine would cease to exist,’ says Taras Bilous

An interview with Taras Bilous, a Ukrainian historian and essayist who has served in the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the Russian aggression.
Patrick Le Tréhondat

Viktoriia Pihul (Social Movement, Ukraine): ‘The normalisation of full-scale war has seen the return of political confrontation’

Ukrainian feminist and socialist Viktoriia Pihul looks at the situation in Ukraine two years into Russia’s full-scale invasion. 


Central Eastern European Green Left Alliance formed (plus founding statement)

The recently formed Central Eastern European Green Left Alliance includes political parties and civil society organisations that advocate for a just, left-wing and social Europe, as well as corresponding policies in their countries.

‘We have to end the Russian invasion as a priority’: Interview with Ukrainian and Russian socialists

Anti*Capitalist Resistance comrades speak to Vasylyna, a member of Sotsialnyi Rukh, and Mia, an activist in the Russian Socialist Movement, about the war and their organisation's activities.
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The war in Ukraine: Agenda for the left

Oleksandr Kyselov — No doubt, the left should do more than just send arms, but it is a bare minimum not to oppose. The right to defend yourself is meaningless without the means to fight.
Hanna Perekhoda at rally

Hanna Perekhoda on Ukraine: ‘Thinking about solutions, we must at least not mistake the causes’

Hanna Perekhoda reflects on the mix of positions taken by European lefts on Ukraine.
Russian invasion

Making sense of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

A momentous development has drawn my attention away from the unfolding climate catastrophe on which I have been riveted.

Biden and Putin

On anti-imperialism and international solidarity: From Ukraine to Palestine and beyond

Solidarity — Socialists support oppressed peoples’ and nations’ struggles for liberation and self-determination. Our support is not dependent on which imperialist power or “camp” is the specific oppressor.
Ukraine Resists!

Ukraine Resists!: A leftist guidebook on Putin’s war, NATO and the future of Ukraine

Chris Slee — "Ukraine Resists!: Left Voices on Putin’s War, NATO and the Future of Ukraine" is a compilation of interviews with socialists from Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere.
Putin Ramaphosa

South Africa: Internationalism and the Russia-Ukraine war – the hypocrisy of (some of) the left

Dale T McKinley — It is unfortunately all too predictable that some on the left are consistently calling for imperial nations/the West to stop objectifying the people of the Global South, while refusing to apply the same to the majority of people and the left in Ukraine and Russia.
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“Ukraine Resists!”: New book challenges prejudices and misconceptions regarding Putin’s war on Ukraine

Michael Pröbsting — Resistance Books, an Australian based non-profit, progressive book publisher, has published a new book dealing with the Ukraine War: the single most important event in the current conjuncture of world politics.