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Sudan military

Sudan: More than a domestic conflict

Saskia Jaschek — It is impossible to understand the war in Sudan without accounting for the regional and international interests involved.

Global crisis, conflict and war: What internationalism for the 21st century?

Pierre Rousset provides an overview of the unfolding “polycrisis” the world is immersed in.
white civilisation

Colonization and surplus: The origins of race and class

Zara Jemuel — Capitalism’s white supremacist roots run as deep as its colonial origins.
Gaza destruction

The “State of Palestine”: Between liquidating the cause and continuing the struggle

Gilbert Achcar — The Palestinian condition has deteriorated to worse than anything it has known in more than 75 years of suffering and oppression
MVC protest

Puerto Rico: Left advance faces lawfare challenge

Antoine Larrache and Lauriane Misandro speak to Rafael Bernabe about the current political situation in Puerto Rico.
AUKUS summit

Sam Wainwright (Socialist Alliance): ‘Ruling class support for the US war drive on China fundamentally shapes Australian politics today’

Sam Wainwright discusses the state of US global hegemony, Australia’s role within it as a mid-sized imperialist power and prospects for working-class solidarity across borders.
Washington abstained in voting on the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council on Monday

Gilbert Achcar: The US administration’s hypocrisy and Israel’s insolence

Gilbert Achcar — It is truly astonishing that Washington abstained in voting on the resolution adopted by the UN Security Council, despite the resolution being consistent with the US’ position.
Ecosocialism 2024 ad

Speakers, agenda announced for Ecosocialism 2024: Book your tickets now!

Federico Fuentes — Ecosocialism 2024, to be held on Australia’s west coast, will be an invaluable opportunity to share experiences with activists from around the Indo-Pacific region and discuss how we can collectively campaign against war and climate catastrophe.
Tempest cover Dave McNally

Perspectives for socialists in 2024: An interview with David McNally

David McNally looks at current geopolitical dynamics, economic fault lines, labor struggles and perspectives for socialists in 2024.
Russian against war

Russian Socialist Movement: ‘Stop the war’ has to mean ‘death to the dictatorship’

Russian Socialist Movement — Two years ago, Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This was not a response to any military threat posed by Ukraine or NATO: it was an attempt to subjugate a neighboring country that Putin simply believes should not exist.
ukraine and palestine

[Updated] Solidarity statements on the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Solidarity statements released by the Fourth International, Ukraine Solidarity Network (US), European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine, and left elected representatives on the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
Patrick Le Tréhondat

Viktoriia Pihul (Social Movement, Ukraine): ‘The normalisation of full-scale war has seen the return of political confrontation’

Ukrainian feminist and socialist Viktoriia Pihul looks at the situation in Ukraine two years into Russia’s full-scale invasion.