Alona Liasheva

Joey Ayoub

Joey Ayoub: 'The fall of Putin's regime could lead to the collapse of Assad and the Iranian regime'

Joey Ayoub shares his optics on how anti-imperialist international solidarity is possible, explains the context of struggles of people from his region why it is important to support Ukraine, despite the contradictory civilisational approach of Ukrainian leaders.
Ukraine bombing

A Ukrainian socialist lays out the aims and struggles of her country’s left

Leftists in Ukraine are simultaneously resisting Russian imperialism and the domestic imposition of neoliberalism, explains Alona Liasheva.

(Video) Ukrainian and Russian academics discuss the war

Debates over the proper approach to the Russo-Ukrainian War have dominated much of the year. Yet discussions within the western left have not always featured the perspectives of Ukrainians and Russians themselves. The Real News Network board member Bill Fletcher, in partnership with Haymarket Books, hosts a panel with Ukrainian and Russian academics.