Howard Zinn: An illustrated people's history of the US empire

Since its landmark publication in 1980, A People’s History of the United States has had six new editions, sold more than 1.7 million copies and been turned into an acclaimed play. More than a successful book, A People’s History triggered a revolution in the way history is told, displacing the official versions with their emphasis on great men in high places to chronicle events as they were lived, from the bottom up.

Now Howard Zinn, historian Paul Buhle, and cartoonist Mike Konopacki have collaborated to retell, in vibrant comics form, a most immediate and relevant chapter of A People’s History: the centuries-long story of America's actions in the world. This short animated video explores US expansionism from Wounded Knee to the invasion of Iraq, stopping along the way at World War I, World War II Central America, Vietnam and the Iranian revolution.

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Submitted by John (not verified) on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 08:08


I love Howard Zinn! His books have enlightened me. A People's History of the United States should be taught in all our middle and high schools, but instead we get the establishment approved history books. People, educate yourselves!

Submitted by red hen (not verified) on Mon, 06/30/2008 - 22:25


I would really like to see this medium be just a bit more simplified to become available to a younger audience (like my kids: middle school age), as 'graphic novels' are becoming popular. I'd love to have such materials for my kids and me to read and talk about at home, which could substantially enrich what they're offered in school, even tho we live in a pretty progressive community. Any chance this could be considered? Seems to me that it could be a really useful medium to offer truth to youth.


Submitted by Tevin (not verified) on Tue, 07/15/2008 - 02:31


Howards Zinns Book is important. But...Enough of the obvious problems we have. Enough of thinking we have a generation or two to solve the problems. Enough of trying to fix our problems in this competetive paradigm.

My Goal - My Dream

My goal is to establish a new nation of people to unite the world in peace and freedom. Establish a world wide grass roots nation; a new nation among the existing nations that creates security and comfort, art and beauty, peace and freedom, for all life from first to last breathe.

Most national elections around the world are fixed. Humanity no longer has leaders who can survive the intimidations of monetary system. The Cheney - Bush Era will continue on in the next U.S.A. administration regardless of the multitudes of groups and organizations fighting for decent government. Regardless of whom is elected President. We cannot fight each other and create a lasting Peace at the same time.

Our only choice for a decent world is to create a new consensus with each other, all over the world. We need to create a new consensus of our agreement of exchange for, need, want, and opportunity. We need to change from a monetary system to abundance for all people, from first to last breath. Only a poverty free world will make it possible to unite in intense togetherness and intense cooperation. Only with intense togetherness and intense cooperation by the whole world can we recreate environmental integrity on our home planet earth. Only environmental regeneration can sustain life on earth.

Most people see the earth rebelling from our abuse and thus changing our minds about how to share the planet. This is dangerous! With all the Nuclear Reactors, and used reactor cores on the planet, we cannot afford to wait for nature to change our minds. Look at all the chemical weapons, the chemical factories. Toxic waste cannot be stored safely. The waterways alone would become contaminated for thousands of years. We cannot imagine the madness if nature re-organizes the planet before we, re-organize how we live on our planet into peace and freedom for all.

Seven billion people cannot compete for need, want and opportunity and sustain life too. Seven billion people can agree to insure each others well being. Seven billion people can choose to cooperate for a sustainable future.

The solutions to our human and environmental problems are very easy to apply. We don’t apply the solutions in order to maintain the profiteering monetary system. We don’t apply resolve for any consequential outcome so that the citizens don’t feel empowered to choose and create a better world.

If a world without poverty and unnecessary suffering is hard for you to think possible, than please read on and let this plea for A Pacific World, embrace you with possibility. If nothing else, you may learn to be more sympathetic toward the state of the world. Mostly the truth prevails: we are enslaved by the monetary system, and we don’t need to be. I know that everyone, no matter their contribution, deserves their dignity. Unnecessary suffering is not necessary, and certainly not ever acceptable. Please join me!

From A Pacific World by Tevin
for a copy and more information 970 208 4488