Lessons from Greece: Leo Panitch and Richard Fidler debate SYRIZA

August 13, 2015 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal, also posted at LeftStreamed -- In this video of a debate, Leo Panitch and Richard Fidler discuss alternate views on recent developments in the fight against austerity waged by SYRIZA and the Greek people.

Moderated by Susan Spronk, associate professor in the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa.

Panitch is Canada research chair in comparative political economy at York University, Toronto. Fidler is life-long socialist, activist and writer who blogs at http://lifeonleft.blogspot.ca/

Q and A at 47:40). Sponsored by the Socialist Project (Canada) http://www.socialistproject.ca/ and Solidarity Against Austerity Ottawa (Against.Austerity@gmail.com).

For more by Leo Panitch on Greece, click HERE. See also Richard Fidler's "Greece: Was, and is there, an alternative?